The Daily Rail: It’s Not a Veggie-Burger, it’s Plant-Based

RESTAURANT MEMES: Oo Yea, Wonder Woof, Regional Pizzas, and More!

Got memes? We do. This week’s batch includes the hatching of the Basics, regional pizza “infographic”, Uber-drivers, trying to bulk up staff, expensive salads and more. Share ‘em with staff for some morale boosting or with your guests/followers on social for some interactive bait. 


This Bud’s for China

China now drinks more Budweiser than America, a new report says. The switch is thanks to a mix of increase interest of US beers in China and US drinker’s interest in craft beer and imports over the past seven years. Forgoing the local brews for the imports is a trend happening all over the world, according to the report.

CBS Fantasy Football Telethon

This might be a must-see for your fantasy football enthusiasts. CBS Sports HQ, CBS’s free streaming service, is going to air a seven-hour fantasy football telethon on Labor Day. They’ll be taking fan questions live and have a bunch of former NFLers manning the phones. This should be a whopper to watch and we’d recommend having it on one of your screens.

How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Actually Kill?

In remarks made Monday night at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump picked a fight with wind turbines, while discussing his plan to deregulate Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Under this initiative, states were given greenhouse gas targets to reduce emissions from power plants within their borders. Trump, while bashing wind turbines, accused the renewable energy source of killing scores of birds, referencing large masses of “killing fields” littering the area around the turbines. According to estimates aggregated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, cats are the biggest killers of birds, particularly migratory birds. Collisions from wind turbines kill a small fraction of birds in comparison to the damage that cats and glass buildings cause to the bird population.

Infographic: Wind Turbines Are Not Killing Fields for Birds | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

fuboTV Lands Turner Sports

Just in time for Champions League coverage, OTT streaming service fuboTV has added Turner Sports as part of their programming. That’s great news for soccer fans with fuboTV as Champions League games start next week. The addition also means fuboTV streamers receive Turner’s NBA and March Madness coverage. If you’re looking for more OTT sports program providers, their offerings and their costs, visit our OTT Sports Directory.


Why it matters to you: Plant-based burgers “replace” vegan or vegetarian burgers.

Previously everyone who was vegetarian wanted to have a “veggie burger” but that terminology has since gone extinct and been replaced with “plant-based.” This way of referring to a vegan or vegetarian burger came around as the technology and thought process behind these burgers began to evolve into something a little more advanced. Impossible foods even went as far as to make a vegetarian burger that bleeds and stays a pinkish hue on the inside!

So, what does this really mean for any of us? Well for one, the Impossible burger is a hell of a marketing tool to have at your disposal. People even go so far as to seek it out in order to try it so having it on our menus cannot possibly hurt. Two, while it isn’t quite the same as developing your own in-house plant-based burger, having a burger like the Impossible or Beyond Meat on the menu will save your crew countless hours of time and effort of developing for your menu and you can just worry about the accoutrements.

Another takeaway from this is the terminology. There’s really no difference between a plant-based burger, a veggie-burger or a vegan/vegetarian burger. But called it “plant-based” doesn’t come with the same negative connotations associated with the others. So if you’re veggie-burger option is lacking in sales, maybe try calling it plant-based and see how it goes.

[Source: Table.Skift]



Why it matters to you: A new Starbucks work-split program is being tested.

Starbucks is now testing a new program that will allow some of their employees to split half of their week’s work shifts doing work at local nonprofits. What an excellent move on their part, empowering their employees to help the community while also ensuring that staff is incentivized. We love seeing this sort of enabling from a company as large as Starbucks. 

While we’d love to see other restaurants do this, the fact is most of us just aren’t big enough and have the capital to roll out a program like this. For anyone not as big as Starbucks this would be suicide. You still might be able to find ways of encouraging and empowering your staff to give back t their community through non-profits. Maybe they can accrue extra vacation time? Maybe you have a more flexible shift schedule for volunteers. Restaurants can be the pillar of the community/neighborhood and if yours properly gives back your customers will support you.

[Source: Money.CNN]