The Daily Rail: Diners Ditching Dining-Rooms?

September 28, 2016


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EVALUATE: 3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Restaurant Tablet

The momentum is picking up for tablets and restaurants. But before you go guns blazing to buy a tablet system for your restaurant, ask yourselves these three vital questions.


WATCH: The Green Fairy: A History of Absinthe

It's rumored to cause hallucinations, and one sip will knock your socks off. This spirit has only recently started to make a comeback after being banned in the United States for over 100 years! Learn more about the bright green concoction in 60 seconds or less...




I’ll Take the “I Don’t Know” Special

Via r/funny on Reddit, we have this hilarious photo of a kid’s menu with some untraditional names for their food items. Parents everywhere are nodding their heads. Might even be great for fussy adult diners, too. Check it out here.


Food/Beverage <3 Hillary

When it comes to donations, the food & beverage industry are with Hillary. Clinton has been given more than $1 million from food & drink groups while Trump has gotten just $152,000. Historically, the food & bev industry has favored Republican candidates (and they still are if you take every political candidate up for election this fall), but they’re staying clear of Trump.


Sweet Shades, Bro

Snapchat has launched their own video-capture sunglasses. Called Spectacles, the sunglasses can record 10-second clips sent to your phone via Bluetooth. And unlike Google Glass, the Snapchat Spectacles look like something you’d wear outside – except for maybe the small cameras in each corner. Thanks, Q.




Why this matters to you: Gun safety is a serious issue when it comes to the safety of your patrons.

Maine laws tend to be lax when it comes to guns, which is why the owners of one restaurant are taking a serious stand. The owner of Grace restaurant in Portland, Maine is facing serious backlash after a post on Facebook. The social media post declared that assault rifles are not welcome in their establishment and anyone who supports the right to own one is also not welcome.

Since the bold statement, her online reviews have tanked and the restaurant has become an object of intense trolling including prank phone calls, fake reservations and a Facebook site devoted to boycotting Grace restaurant. Overall, the response hasn’t hurt business but members of the staff have become extra cautious as a result.



Why this matters to you: New restaurant trends can offer an alternative to high operation costs.

Silicon Valley has disrupted the restaurant industry in a number of ways. In addition to declining rates for lunch and the overall stagnation of restaurant growth in the retail sector, businesses are looking for an alternative to the usual restaurant model. Instead of getting dressed and going out, more and more restaurants are ditching the dining room and doing delivery only.

One such restaurant called Maple in New York City, is doing just that. It’s basically a virtual restaurant. You can order your food online and it’s delivered right to your doorstep. You can’t go there in person, but with more and more people working from home, why bother? Rent is lower, operators don’t have to spend a dime on seating or design or even ambience. With minimum wages rising, restaurants don’t have to worry about paying their front of house staff because there isn’t any. It’s a win-win. Don’t you want to increase your profit margins?