Five Restaurant Horror Stories to Make Your Skin Crawl

Working in a restaurant is tough enough without the weird and gross stuff guests do from time to time. Just in time for Halloween comes a collection of “whispers.” You’ll be grateful didn’t happen to you, but they still might give you nightmares.  


1.     “I found a thong under my table I was serving one time…they never came back for it.”

Yuck! We don’t even want to know what was going on at that table.


2.      “I work at a pretty rowdy bar and one night I was collecting empty glasses and found a torn piece of ear in a glass – someone must have grabbed the person by the ear and got stuck to the earring.”

Whoops! On the bright side, whoever’s ear that was will make an awesome Picasso at Halloween.


3.     “I found a dirty diaper hidden inside a pile of plates. Put my hand in it.”

Pretty hard not to gag while reading this one. There’s just no excuse for a dirty diaper at a table.


4.     “Had a guy offer me $20 to warm a shot between my legs.”

Umm…no. We hope this guy got a shot of cold water straight to his face instead.


5.     “A woman got so drunk, she peed herself in the booth she was in…and fell asleep…”


The real horror story here is getting the pee soaked drunk woman out of the booth. And then having to clean it up. *shudders*


How about you? Do you have any restaurant horror stories to share? Leave yours in the comments below!


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