Don't Mess with Matilda [VIDEO]

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #32

Any of you with kids or that were kids yourselves in the mid 90’s fondly remember the movie Matilda. Born into the wrong family and out of place, Matilda learns she is special and has special abilities. The restaurant scene has two allegories at once. One for the child in us all and the other for the worst thing that could happen at your restaurant.

Speaking for the inner child, that’s exactly the kind of vision the average angry kid would foist on to their parents. However, as an operator, it’s your worst nightmare come to pass. A scene like this would be damaging to your business in myriad ways. The physical consequences of broken furniture and service ware flying about is enough to haunt your sleep. Then add the attention grabbing argument, ensuring every single other guest is involved. These are not ‘oh well’ moments. If you’ve ever had, you would know, they cost time, money and have a deleterious impact on your reputation. We’ll focus more on the cute little girl getting revenge against her evil parents and sleep better at night.