Best Bar Signs on Social Media

Bar signs are the epitome of creative and can they allow restaurants to express character. Our Citizens of the Rail have been doing some great things posting their eye-catching bar signs on social media. Here are some bar signs that deem worthy to get us in the door.



At Rock Bottom Brewery in Glendale, AZ the logic is clear. Beer is healthy. 


Caution Ahead

Sometimes the unknown can be scary. Old Pro in Alto, CA warns their guests that drinking at the bar is always the safest option. ;-) 


Miles per Gallon

We all learn math for very important reasons – like making clever bar signs. Lavaca Street Bar in Austin, TX created this sign to show the beer-mileage ratio.   


Hipster's Pizza

The Mellow Mushroom, with locations throughout the US, hits the nail on the head with their bar sign. We all love a good hipster joke.



Soup of the Day

Anyone up for some soup? The Mellow Mushroom (round two) is trying to tempt us to come in for their soup of the day -- and stay for multiple rounds of it.  


Finding... Fireball?  

Sometimes happy hour may cause you to rethink your drinking habits… until the next day. Fireplace Inn in Chicago, IL plays right to that notion with their take on Finding Dory


Avoiding Real Life

I think we can all connect with this one. Nasty Nathan’s Restaurant in Reynoldsburg, OH is playing with our emotions to get us to have a drink, or ten. Who wouldn’t follow the top arrow?



Okay so maybe this isn’t a bar sign, but how could we not include it? Smokey Bones Bar with multiple locations in the northeast has their “pun game” strong with their creative staff uniforms.