Review Server Credit Card Slips for Accuracy [Hack #074]

Better safe than sorry…

We employ human beings and they make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are honest errors and sometimes they are nefarious. 

We recently wrote a blog about a guest who had his credit card receipt altered by a server on three separate visits to the same restaurant. Odds are if that happened to this guest multiple times that this is a regular occurrence at that restaurant. While we should blame the employees for being dishonest and felonious, we should also blame the manager for being clueless.

Each day your servers deliver to you a pile of signed credit card slips. It would likely have only taken a manager 60 seconds to review each signed slip to ensure that the math was done correctly, that a signature was secured, and that all the tickets are in their original (completed by the guest) form. 

Do this just once or twice per shift and the problem will be gone pretty quickly

First, your staff will be aware you are watching and you will likely catch some mistakes that require feedback. It’s a small time investment to ensure that your guests can trust they won’t be ripped off when they visit your location.

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