The Daily Rail: Obama Protects Bad Yelp Reviews

Tuesday, December 20, 2016



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Shake Shack Goes Mobile

Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack is rolling out its mobile order-and-pay-ahead feature across the country. The burger joint first tested the app in October. It lets diners order custom-made burgers, choose a pick-up time and pay ahead. Guests just show up, grab and go!


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A server that just celebrated her 45th year with her restaurant got a sweet surprise – a new car. So much cooler than a watch. She gives some fun stories about her tenure at Carey Hillard’s, too.


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Why it matters to you: Time to tear up your gag clauses.

A new bill passed by the Obama administration means bad Yelp reviews are here to stay. Many companies, even restaurants, have tried to circumvent freedom of speech by having customers sign non-disparaging clauses, meaning they could face fines or be sued by saying something negative, even if it’s true.

Yelp has become a haven for trolls to complain and make fallacious claims about services rendered or not. Despite this, if a company doesn’t treat their customer well, the customer reserves the right to report it, even if it is on Yelp. There are always those that could find a way to complain about anything, even so, you’re best defense is always a good offense with impeccable service and a focus on the guest experience.      



Why it matters to you: Are you keeping up with your younger customers?

Craving some McNuggets but just don’t want to leave the house? Well, if you live in Florida, you’re in luck! McDonald's has announced that they will be testing food delivery through UberEats starting in 2017. Users will essentially be able to order via the UberEats app, and a driver will deliver the food right to their front door. Their recent focus on technology is targeted toward growing and attracting McDonalds’ younger customers. Also in the works for next year, McD’s is planning for a mobile order and pay feature, where customers can order on McDonald's app and have their food waiting at arrival.

Multiple fast food restaurants are investing in technology and delivery services to reach a younger audience. Common among millennials, the added features including food delivery and online ordering are increasingly relevant to their dining experience. The younger generation is much more focused on “fast and easy” and big chains are making an attempt to cater to them.



Why it matters to you: Is Secretary of Labor Designate Andy Puzder really ready for his role?

By definition, the Department of Labor is charged with the role of protecting working people and ensuring their rights and opportunities aren’t limited by the businesses that employ them. While many folks have weighed in on his nomination there are two opposing opinions that should interest you as an operator. The first is Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox, who is ecstatic to have an industry insider elevated to a cabinet level appointment. Fox said, "As a fellow CEO, it's safe to assume that he [Puzder] understands the conditions and situations facing the hourly employees in the restaurant industry." This is the widely held sentiment that Puzder will work favorably to industry employers who believe that too much regulation has cost jobs and opportunity for labor in the US.

Others, however, take the position that the industry needs to change and be more inclusive in the way they focus on employment issues, like wages and benefits. Michael Lastoria, CEO/Founder, of &pizza shared, "My hope is that I can get in front of him [Puzder] within weeks of him entering into office and have a conversation in representing businesses like us because there are number of us out there that have a different point of view on what people should be paid and how they should be treated." No matter your feelings on staff conditions and regulation, Puzder is the first real restaurant person to hold a cabinet position. That alone is recognition that our industry has real influence in the US economy. Let’s just hope the new head of the DOL finds the balance the job demands.