10 Pictures that are All too Real for People Working in Restaurants

Like you, many of us here at The Rail Media have spent quite a bit of time working in the restaurant industry. We've found some pictures that are all too real with summing up the struggle. Take a look and tell us if you agree.


1. "Sorry, what was that? Your kid is screaming too loud.”


2. Being brutally honest when training the new guy. 


3. "Excuse me, where’s my food?!”


4. “Just wait here; I’ll go bus EVERY table in the entire restaurant.” 


5. Yeah, that one day every YEAR. 


6.  “Okay, I’ll brew that real fresh” ;-) 


7. "And what type of spit would you like in that?"


8. *Shoves entire burger in mouth*


9.  “I’ll tip you better than her!”… "No, I’ll tip you better!”  O___o

MEME 9.jpg


10. The struggle is too real. We understand.