Five Heartfelt Restaurant Stories to Warm Your Soul

2016 is almost at a close, and what a year it’s been. For many, this year was the worst. With Brexit, the election of Trump, lead-poisoned water in Flint, MI, and the sheer number of civilian deaths in Syria, there’s plenty to be outraged and saddened by. 

Despite all of the terrible things that happened, this year wasn’t all bad. To cheer you up and restore your faith in humanity, here are our favorite restaurant-related heartwarming stories.


1. “Café-girl” professes her love. 

There’s something fascinating about live tweeting that appeals to a certain voyeuristic nature of human behavior. This story, however, is so sweet, the romantic buried deep inside you won’t have any choice but to say, “aww.” This heart-warmer starts in a café in Brooklyn:

Long story short, things ended well for “café-girl.” The entire thread can be read here


2. New mom gets a friendly hand. 

Being a new parent isn’t easy. Often you’re completely at your ropes end with no sleep. One new mom got a friendly surprise from a fellow restaurant patron while enjoying her first breakfast out post-partum. 

3. It’s been a crappy year for law enforcement.

Between violence towards the police and restaurant staffers blasting NWA’s “F**K The Police,” the men and women in blue uniforms haven’t had it to easy. Despite this, an act of kindness at a Kansas Chili’s reminds us that small acts of gratitude can be incredibly powerful. 


4. An inclusive note. 

Our president-elect’s stance on immigration has many worried, including a young waiter in Colorado. After the election, an encounter with a restaurant patron helped to alleviate some of his concerns. 


5. Shout out to the single moms. 

Being a single mom is tough, and being a single mom in the restaurant industry is even worse. One recent study reported that 40% of American moms in the industry live at or below the poverty line. So when a man walked into a Denny’s earlier this year, and asked for a waitress that was a single mom, his request was a little odd but a blessing for his lucky waitress. The man sat at his table for a few hours, picking up the tab for several families that dined while he was there. When he left, he gave his waitress a $1,500 tip that helped her and her son move out of a homeless shelter.