The Daily Rail: Diners Return to Restaurants Post Election

Wednesday, December 7, 2016



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WATCH: Do You Have an Emergency Plan in Place? [Under 60 Seconds]

If anything comes from the horrible event in Oakland, you should consider how prepared you are for a potential disaster. If you haven’t already, you should craft an emergency plan for your managers and staff to follow. This week's Under 60 Seconds will tell you exactly what to do.


OPERATIONS: 6 Reasons Why Reservations are Bad for Restaurants [Sponsored by Nowait]

Guest reservations are bad for restaurants. Not only is the restaurant taking a huge financial risk by reserving a table, they're also creating two classes of guest -- which kills the restaurant guest experience.


READ: Why Watch this Year’s Bowl Schedule?

The College Football Playoff (CFP) has significantly changed the import of the rank and file post-season bowl games. With the 4 team format the bowl games lose even further significance, so your guests may feel little need to watch unless their teams are involved. It’s really your job to make the case for why they shouldn’t only watch, but they should do so in your restaurant. Click here to get your schedule and learn some ways you can leverage the bowl season.







NFL Network Turns to eSports

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but eSports should be part of your sports bar regular rotation. Seems like the NFL Network agrees. The station will be covering and airing Madden competitions in a partnership with EA Sports. Learn more about eSports in our Under 60 Seconds video.


Goodness, Gracious!

Fireball Whiskey is releasing its spicy cinnamon liquor in a box. They’re calling it Firebox and it’s perfect for that frat-bro in your life. It’s going for about $60 and comes with two spigots so you can Lady & the Tramp it like these crazy kids.





Why it matters to you: A loyal customer base is invaluable.

It hasn’t been this difficult to be a Muslim or of middle eastern descent since 9/11. Since the election, a number of hate crimes and white supremacist propaganda has been cropping up across the country manifesting itself in street harassment, vandalism of public places and restaurants. A restaurant in Phoenix was recently a target, but the more important story here is how people in the community responded.

Thanks to a Facebook post by one loyal customer urging patrons to support the local eatery, restaurant owner Isam Saed has been overwhelmed with the lunch rush and effusive support of the local community. His storefront windows were shattered twice, but a local glass shop has agreed to repair the damage at no charge. In addition, a recent GoFundMe campaign is raising funds to replace Saed’s security system. Some comments on the donation page like, “you are a most welcome part of our neighborhood,” and “you are not alone!!! We will not tolerate that type of behavior!!,” is totally warming our hearts. If this story doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, we don’t know what will.



Why it matters to you: One’s mindset and attitude play a huge role in success rate

Many times inmates struggle to find work after their release from prison. Abate’s Kitchen, located in Chicago is a culinary school designed to help with the post-release employment problems inmates face. This culinary school operates in the basement of Division 11 of Cook County Jail in Chicago. Creator Chef Bruno Abate began his program, Recipe for Change two years ago as a way for inmates to learn the essentials of food preparation. Everything from knife skills, kitchen sanitation as well as recipes for pasta, sauces, and desserts are taught as skills they can use when they begin looking for work.

The program has changed the prisoners' attitudes about themselves including their work ethic. As individuals in the restaurant industry, we can learn from how Chef Abate uses his positive attitude and drive for success to help others. Operating a business, we can do this for our staff as well offering bits of encouragement. This can range from teaching staff minor skills to help move from server to bartender or busser to server. It’s all about the mindset that can drive our restaurant’s success.



Why it matters to you: Not only is your restaurant a social center in your community, but your guests likely care about you in ways you don’t even realize

The post-election rancor may have finally met its match in Phoenix this week as the Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli was vandalized a second time in recent days. One guest posted on Facebook about the damage that had been done and asked all of her connections to join in supporting the restaurant's recovery from these incidents….and support it, they did. On Monday the restaurant was packed with well-wishers there to support owner Isam Saed, who said about this outpouring of support, “I think it shows the American people are really supportive of being good, and showing America is not a violent place for anybody.”

Another guest started a GoFundMe for the restaurant that has already raised $10k towards surveillance equipment and local glazier, M&M Glass has agreed to come and fix the windows that were broken at no cost. While this type of love and kindness is remarkable, it is also so much about the way we as operators touch our guests. Our places are social centers and our guests take ownership of them in their own way. This story exemplifies what that ownership means…and it’s a very good thing!