When life gives you lemons... [Hack #060]

Use water & fresh lemons to clean your microwave

Take a look in the average commercial microwave device and you will likely see things that will horrify you. It’s not that we aren’t focused on cleaning, it’s just that you really can’t see the grime in a microwave unless you really look. Cleaning them properly takes a significant time, effort and chemicals, but there is a very inexpensive and effective alternative — fresh lemons.

This is a great home cleaning hack that is also a wonderful restaurant application. 

Fill a microwave safe bowl with warm water and squeeze fresh lemons into it. Run your microwave for 4-5 minutes and let the steam loosen and remove any hard to clean or reach spots. Then just wipe it down with a damp cloth and viola! It’s clean. This method is totally green and includes the use of fruit pieces you might normally throw away.

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