The Daily Rail: Waste Not, Want Not

July 15, 2016

Did You Know...

Ugly Food: Nearly 40% of the entire US food supply is never eaten.

60 million tons of produce is wasted either because it is goes unsold or it is allowed to rot in the fields because it is blemished.

How the  Book if Eli  sees restaurants and bars

The US per capita food waste has increased by 50% since 1974.

Today's Special

How Hollywood Sees Us: Bar fights get ugly… fast!

Unless you're Denzel Washington from Book of Eli, you're most likely not walking away from a fight so clean. Bar fights can get ugly fast, so it's important to remain vigilant at all times.

Alternatives Rock

Here’s a recipe that takes a true waste product and turns it into gold. Potato peels almost always wind up on in the trash, but this recipe turns them into gold. You simply toss them in olive oil and salt and the bake them at 400 degrees. What you get are awesome potato chips from food cost item marked as waste. Yummy and profitable, WooHoo!!!


Why it’s important to you: Canned wine is the next new novelty. Get ahead of the trend.

Hey buddy, give me a can of your best chardonnay, said nobody, ever…until now! Turns out the summer’s new hot trend is canned wine. According to a Harris Poll consumers are concerned about beverage temperature and portability, and cans deliver. It’s not just for sparkling either: rose’, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, and Prosecco, just to name a few. Check out this handy resource of the best available wines in a can. This is especially great if you operate an outdoor section, and folks that want to drink wine, but want an easier package to consume it from. Take a chance, try it, and see how your guests respond.


Why it’s important to you: Mike Pence may be a heartbeat away from the Presidency

Indiana governor, Mike Pence, may receive Donald Trump’s offer to join him on the Republican ticket for President later today and we couldn’t be happier for the bromance. Pence has been lobbying his behind off trying to convince Trump that he is the best choice to improve his conservative chops and deliver several swing states that border his home state (Illinois/Ohio/Michigan). 

Some say he even sabotage his potential new boss’s airplane to get him stuck in Indiana, so he could further woo him on Wednesday evening. In any event, Pence is the guy who got rocked by popular disdain for legislation he signed which allowed religious objection to serving homosexuals. As restaurant operators we certainly want to control who we choose to server or not. Although, typically our bias is based on behavior and hygiene and not what someone does with their own life away from our business.  

At minimum, Pence is no Sarah Palin and will at least be a credible and articulate surrogate for the Republican platform. The question remains how he and Trump reconcile their obvious ideological and style difference. In any event, it will be entertaining to watch it all unfold.  Stay tuned for more…