Eight More Reasons For Calling Out

A couple of weeks ago we gave you our 8 Best Reasons For Calling Out, and we asked you, our readers for your best excuses. Boy, did you guys deliver. We received comments on the original post as well as responses on Twitter, we even asked around on Reddit. To all who submitted, thank you for sharing! *Disclaimer: quotes edited for clarity*


1.    Diabetes

Our first response comes from twitter user @thebitterbistro

Just can’t argue with that one.


2. Because cats …

Back in the old days, it was the dog that ate our homework. Apparently, the excuse du jour is now cats? This excuse comes from a comment Greg left on the original post:

“Had a girl call in early in the morning to say that she had stepped on her cat and sprained her ankle the night before.”

Managers, stop hiring crazy cat people. 


3.    Two for one

Twitter user @VentingWaiter gave us a couple. Another cat excuse and the other is an even less plausible reason for calling out. 

We all know what skiing is a euphemism for…


4.    Just too tired


Charles W contributed this one in the comments section also:

"I had a dishwasher call from the boarder of Kansas and Colorado one hour before shift saying he wouldn't be coming in. I asked why he didn't call me before he decided to drive across the US. He responded that he would have but he was just too tired. The best was when he asked if when he finished his drive if he could come back to work for me. For over a year now if somebody forgets to do something in the kitchen the standard response is 'I was just too tired.'

We can’t even with that one.


5.    I don’t have the time…

 Thirdratehero left this on Reddit:

“Direct quote from my old sous to the head chef he had no time for, 'I would have gotten here on time, but I couldn't be bothered'"


6.    Surrounded by semis

This Reddit user is our hero. A guy that calls in, gets his shift covered and still shows up:

“I called in three hours before my shift, I was three hours into a five-hour car ride. ‘So, my breaks went out doing 80 surrounded by semis... I got my shift covered and I'll be an hour late.’”
giphy (7).gif


7.    Smelly situation

DoctorTacoMD on Reddit, submitted his favorite excuse he’s given. We edited out the expletives. Sorry Taco:

 “RING RING [bulls***]'Hey boss it's me, Taco. Look man, I can't make it I today because my F*****G DUMBS**T DOG CORNERED A F*****G SKUNK and we both got sprayed pretty bad. I'm goddamn livid and the smell and butt oil has f*****g stained my skin or something. I've got someone bringing over some special soap but the vet says it can take up to 24 hours of repeated application before the scent goes away.'[/bulls***]”


8.    My car broke down

Bill Murray is bartending tonite

A photo posted by Jaysön Freelin (@jaysonfreelin) on

If you haven’t heard, Bill Murray guest bartended at his son Homer’s restaurant. His car broke down on the way to his shift and a lucky Uber passenger picked him up. They both arrived fashionably late. More Bill Murray bartending here.

What do you think folks? Did we get 'em all? If you have a favorite excuse that you've used or have been given from an employee, respond below!