Can You Spot the Rat in These Restaurants?

Cleanliness is key and these restaurants have some serious work to do! We’ve collected a gallery of seven restaurants that have a major rat problem.

Can you spot the rat in each restaurant? Each picture gets more challenging. Warning: You may lose your appetite.   


1. Okay, we're going to start off easy, can you spot the rat? 


2. Subway, step up your game! GROSS!


3. No, unfortunately, that is not a scooper; it’s a rat.   


4. And I’m sure you could probably guess that those are not cracks in the tile. 


5. Okay, we're getting a bit harder now. Can you spot the rat?

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6. Game on! Can you find where he's hiding?

(Press side arrow for answer


7. And now the most difficult rat-hunt of all. This one’s for the pros.

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