Teach Your Guests in Under 60 Seconds [Hack #082]

Show off with a cool video!

People love learning, especially if it’s under 60 seconds. Creating short smartphone videos is an easy way to provide an extra marketing boost. Restaurants have a wealth of information that can be shot in a short video and your guests are salivating to watch them.

Specifically, try making videos that teach people how to make a “poor man’s” version of one of your restaurant’s specialties at home. We know, crazy, is what you’re initially thinking — until you realize the power in having fun over-emphasizing in the video that this is a “poor man’s” version of the special and how the real, authentic version is just a five-minute drive away.

Feature these videos on your website and social media feeds. These short videos have proven especially popular for Buzzfeed’s Tastey videos. You may not have the most high-tech camera equipment, but with some natural light and a smartphone, you’re golden!

For bonus points, you can add a step and turn those videos into Pinterest posts. Pinners love them some recipes!


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