The Daily Rail: Are Restaurants the American Dream?

Thursday, March 30, 2017


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MARKETING: Your Restaurant's New Marketing Motto -- Smiles Don't Lie.

Smiles don't lie. It should be the hallmark of how you run your restaurant, market to followers on social media, and interact with guests. But be sure to document it for social media.

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It should come as no surprise that people love their coffee. It might come as a surprise that the US is not anywhere near the top of the list of the world’s most avid coffee consumers. Can you guess who is?

Infographic: Europe and North America's Top Coffee-Drinking Nations | Statista


X Rated Restaurants

Some restaurant diners are looking for a little more than good food. Believe it or not, there are actually X Rated restaurants around the world where guests can expect a little more action than just food and drinks. Must be an acquired taste.


Waze + Dunkin Mashup  

The navigation app Waze is partnering with Dunkin Donuts to introduce an online mobile ordering feature. Users can place their Dunkin order via Waze and skip the line when they go to pick up their order. Just don’t order a Coolata.



Why it matters to you: Chipotle is taking a major step in the right direction with their food quality.  

Chipotle has been on a quest to serve fresh ingredients without any antibiotics and has been doing so for multiple years now. Currently, they’re on to the next milestone which involves eliminating all artificial ingredients from their menu. The difficulty stems from Chipotle’s tortillas which are mass produced and served roughly 500,000 times a day. After they begin a two year switch to new wraps, their food will be 100% artificial free.

The switch to completely clean ingredients is a major step in the right direction for Chipotle. It has been proved that many of their most loyal customers (millennials) care deeply about the ingredients in their food. Not only are they making a major effort to give the customers what they want, but they also have taken major steps to improve food safety and animal welfare. In return, their customer base has seemed to stay loyal to the chain even through their lows.   



Why it matters to you: many may consider your lifestyle their version of ‘The American Dream.’

As you know, working in the restaurant industry is anything but easy. However, the restaurant industry has long been a “haven” for foreign-born workers, who often find work at the lower level jobs. In return, restaurants get a reliable source of labor and more importantly, often the opportunity to move into management and leadership positions. This environment also extends to foreign restaurant owners which may serve as their version of the ‘American Dream. ‘

Not only are restaurants an outlet for immigrant restaurateurs to share their culture, but they also provide a sustainable life with enough hard work. An establishment that provides good food and good service has a chance of success, even if the industry is among the most competitive in the country. One immigrant operator says, “our industry has this culture. We like to learn. We like to teach. It attracts people, they’re all coming in, trying to learn, and trying to provide for their families.”



Why it matters to you: would you order these drinks at a bar?

Working in the restaurant industry we often notice things other guests might not. This is also true for bartenders, according to Business Insider there are five drinks that a bartender would never order at the bar. In the article, a New York bartender tells his secrets on what you should skip ordering and what drink you should replace it with. The methodology is not that these drinks are a pain to make, more so that they’re commonly made mediocre.

Having spent time in the restaurant industry, we can all appreciate the hidden secrets and small turnoffs found in the business. Bartenders can especially relate to which drinks they personally wouldn’t order for their own reasons. One example from the list are Mojitos because most often bars don’t have the top notch ingredients that would make the drink really good, such as fresh limes and mint.