The Daily Rail: Don't Be Victim to Data Breach

Friday, March 31, 2017


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BUSINESS: When Did Cash Lose Its Crown in Restaurants?

Recently we received an inquiry from a subscriber that raised a fascinating question: “What happened to cash as a method of tender in my restaurant?” Has cash lost its place in restaurants?

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An Epic Tweet   

This tweet has since gone viral for amazing reasons. As shown below, just recently has this girl’s 18-year-old blind sister been offered a readable menu at a restaurant for the first time in her life.

eSports Rakes in $$$

The eSports League of Legends (LoL) is the most played computer game on the planet and has recently exploded its revenue. Below is an infographic that shows the expect revenues and audience growth for eSports tournaments. Here is everything to know about eSports.  

Infographic: eSports Is Ready to Explode | Statista  

Coca-Cola = Poison

A Nigerian judge recently made a ruling on whether Coca-Cola products were fit for human consumption. He claims the Coke products made in Nigerian factories contained “poisonous” levels of acidity and artificial dyes. Talk about Opening Happiness.



Why it matters to you: we can all learn from how Starbucks focuses on attempting to better their community.

Starbucks is at the center of innovating business decisions focused on driving change. Their recent attempt at bringing together their coffee drinking community stems from a new campaign focused on uniting people from different political parties. Last week they announced a start-up app called ‘Hi From the Other Side,’ a phone application intended to make liberals and conservatives speak to each other. For the campaign, users on the app will be paired with “someone nearby” with opposing political views, and the couple will need to work together to unlock a Starbucks gift card.

The finer details are still yet to be determined but the app will apparently be focused on problem solving once the users have met. Starbucks is not new to the political landscape and is now using the spotlight with creative and innovative thinking. Instead of making headlines based on political statements they’re taking a different approach. One aspect of their business decisions that other restaurants can learn from, involves focusing on bettering the community.



Why it matters to you: protect your restaurant from a data breach.

Cyber security is important now more than ever. Arby’s joins the list including Wendy’s, Jimmy John’s, and many other fast food chains that have experienced massive data breaches in recent years. Arby’s is now facing eight lawsuits from banks, credit unions and customers who claim the food chain failed to keep their data safe from hackers. The breach occurred sometime between October 2016 and January 2017 and included data from more than 350,000 customer debit and credit cards.

According to one of the suits, hackers installed malware at cash registers that enabled them to remotely obtain customer credit card data. Arby’s data breach situation is something that no restaurant ever wants to experience. An added incentive to keep information safe requires management to be extremely careful with who has access to registers and monitoring which service providers are the among the safest. For more information on how to improve your cybersecurity, take a look at these six tactics that can make your restaurant more secure.    



Why it matters to you: restaurant slavery may be more common than you think.

Recall yesterday we talked about how restaurants could be the ‘American Dream’ for many legal immigrants as a way to spread their culture and work in a steady job. According to NPR, there is also a dark side of how immigrants come into the country illegally and are treated as “modern day slaves.” In some establishments across the US, many workers are entrapped in jobs, working around the clock for little money, many of which are caused by human trafficking. Workers who try to leave these jobs may face threats of deportation. Owners potentially run sex-trafficking behind closed doors of their “restaurant,” while exploiting illegal immigrants.

Although most of these human trafficking cases are mostly depicted in the most extreme cases; however, the restaurant industry does still maintain a haven for many legally settled immigrants as a way to live a sustainable life in America. NPR’s report behind “modern slavery” are horrifying, but with any situation, the worst-cases must always be adequately explored. Polaris, the organization that fights human trafficking continuously works to help victims and provide legal assistance.