The Daily Rail: The Best Beer Bars in Every State

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


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Not So Wise

Wise Foods has been hit with a lawsuit claiming the potato-chip maker “intentionally and systematically” under-filled its bags, leaving them as much as 75% empty. Various photos have spread on social media showing very empty Wise chip bags some having only five chips inside. Paging the snack police.


Life-Size Snacks

A pretty awesome Instagram account is taking off that features a collection of life-sized snacks Photoshopped into real-world situations. De Snackmuur is the mysterious new account here to feed all of your snack-related fantasies.


The Best Beer Bar in Every State

Every region of the U.S is known for a different type of beer. Thrillist set out to find the best beer bars in every state that serve a great variety of some of the best beers the U.S has to offer. Take a look at where to get your drink on.



Why it matters to you: KFC is the latest brand to begin a transition towards antibiotic free poultry.  

KFC has been pressured to jump on the food trend that every other large company has regarding their chicken, but not with any simplicity. KFC will be working towards removing most of the antibiotics from their chicken, but not for another year. The fast food chain announced that the transition will take time and will be rather difficult. The company’s President Kevin Hochman, tells Reuters that KFC’s executives recognize that the overuse of human antibiotics in the U.S. meat supply is “a growing public health concern,” so they felt this is “something we need to do to show relevance and modernity within our brand.”

The change will only apply to KFC’s U.S. locations (roughly 4,200) but will affect over 2,000 poultry farms, according to Hochman. This transition comes at a time when various other chain restaurants including McDonalds and Chick-fil-A have vowed out of using antibiotics. Restaurants are avoiding these add-ins for multiple reasons some including health. According to Reuters, “human infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose a grave threat to global health and are estimated to kill at least 23,000 Americans each year.”



Why it matters to you: many city restaurants are disappearing due to bankruptcy.

The restaurant industry in many cities has taken a brutal hit causing many upper-class restaurants to disappear. New York City’s higher-end restaurant scene is now experiencing a drastic decline in overall revenue which has forced many well-known dining chains to close. With the astronomical cost of rent in New York as well as other cities, is causing restaurants to drive up menu prices to cover the costs. The major problem is that many existing customers are not willing to shell out the extra cash for an already expensive restaurant.

While many industry analysts are divided over the negatives hurting restaurants, many are pointing toward oversaturation and shifting customer tastes. Some establishments seek alternatives by consolidating jobs, using new technology to “streamline operations of their business” while others are trying to cut cost while not reducing food or service quality.