Cel-Fi Can Save Your Restaurant

We live in a digital age. Your restaurant needs to be equipped with the proper technology to keep your guests happy.

As much as we like to think that many of our guests come to our restaurants to socialize (which they do), many of your guests (see: millennials) are stilled glued to their phones even while interacting. One monumental mistake that most bar and restaurant operators often overlook involves the cell phone coverage and internet connection in their restaurant.

Almost all of your guests eating or drinking in your establishment will have a cell phone of some type. Whether they are calling to meeting up with friends, uploading food pictures to Instagram, or taking a work call during lunch, your restaurant cannot have a spotty cell signal or subpar internet connection. Internet is not only a MUST for your guests; it also is what’s powering your POS system and credit card machines. 

cel-fi phones.jpeg

Lost Service = Lost Guests

I was recently in a great restaurant in Narragansett, RI. As I entered, I was informed the credit card machine was down, so they were only taking cash. Multiple parties entering the restaurant immediately left upon hearing that news.  

While I was waiting, the majority of staff members were working to fix this problem. The managers were fooling with the credit card machine; a server was on the phone with tech support -- and all for a lapse in internet service.

This is not an uncommon occurrence. There are many devices available that monitor the internet connection and, if it goes down, will immediately back up the cellular service for the primary connection. These devices often come equipped with commercial-grade WiFi Access Point software and cellular service which can be paid for on an as-used basis.

Beef Up Your Coverage

An important part of these types of products is a stable and strong cell phone service connection. Whether it is a staff member calling to check the time of their shift, guests viewing their sports games with ease, or maintaining the POS and Credit Card Processing connection, a stable and strong cell and internet connection is an important part of your operations.

Does your restaurant have a strong cell phone signal as well as reliable internet? If not, your guests already know. Your cell phone and internet access can make or break your restaurant in days to come.

Don’t be that restaurant that loses guests to a faulty connection causing the card machine to go down. Your guests will take notice and go elsewhere.