The Daily Rail: Are You Pouring Dirty Beer?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


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MARKETING: How Restaurants Can Run the Perfect High-Volume Wing Program

A high-volume chicken & buffalo wings program is essential during the busy sports seasons for sports bars & restaurants. Here's how to run a perfect wings program plus free premium download.




Longo Makes Football History

18-year-old Becca Longo just made football history as the first woman to receive a Division II football scholarship. Longo will not be the first female to play college football however she is the first to receive a scholarship to play for an NCAA-affiliated program. She will play for Adams State in Colorado.

Downward Goat

In case regular yoga wasn’t cutting it, you can now sign up for goat yoga. Classes are held at a farm in Oregon where goats climb, jump, and snuggle on the ‘yogies’ during the class. There is already a 1200-person waiting list that is growing by the day. Check out the video here.


8-Year-Old Drives to McDonald's

An 8 year old Ohio kid took his dad’s car for a joy-ride to McDonald’s to order a cheeseburger, fries, and McNuggets last week. The 8-year-old claimed he learned how to drive on YouTube. Luckily, he made the mile and a half drive to McDonald’s safely. You can’t keep a kid away from his nuggets.  


Why it matters to you: when was the last time you cleaned your beer lines?

Some drinks ordered at the bar are not exactly the most sanitary of options. Believe it or not, there are quite a few germ-filled drinks invading the UK in the past year. Pub inspectors from the company Cask Marque, collected data from smart devices attached to beer taps in the UK in order determine which drinks become the dirtiest sources. Working in restaurants, we are all aware how busy bartenders and managers can neglect to clean beer lines, aka the tubes that connect the taps to the kegs. The alarming side to this oversight is that many bars in the UK were serving drinks most likely including dirt and germs.

As part of the Beer Quality Report 2017, Cask Marque found that the beverage flowing through the dirtiest pipes is cider. Roughly 44 percent of the cider consumed at UK pubs was dirty. Stout lager was a close second with 36 percent coming from dirty lines. According to Food & Wine Magazine, beer lines are supposed to be cleaned thoroughly every seven days but because they remain out of site from customers, they easily can be left unclean without anyone noticing. As restaurant operators providing quality service, it is our job to ensure we are not the culprit of any sanitation hazards for our guests.  



Why it matters to you: many restaurants are experiencing a hit to revenue as a result of no-shows.

The restaurant industry is losing money in more ways than one. Munchies recently featured an article documenting one restaurant owner’s experience with canceling dinner reservations and the harm it was causing his business. “In a restaurant the size of mine, our margins are so tight that if I get a table of four that doesn’t turn up, the best I can hope for is to break even.” Many times, in small restaurants, when cancelations are last minute; restaurants have a really hard time making up for the loss in profit.

This is a growing problem for restaurants across the world. Some establishments have taken the extra step to call and confirm bookings to ensure the party is intending to show up. Other reservation systems have been designed to place a booking cancelation fee for diners who cancel on short notice. It has also become common for restaurant owners to keep a ‘blacklist’ of diners who have failed to show for their reservations. Some restaurants are slow to adopt this method as it’s seen as “aggressive” however many establishments can no longer afford to keep experiencing the bite out of revenue from no-shows.