The Daily Rail: Restaurants Are Providing Local and International Relief

Monday, April 10, 2017


Today's Specials: 


STAFF: Ming Tsai's Food Allergy Reference System is Your Staff's New Best Friend

This reference book is an internal document that is an easy reference to any recipe and potential allergy reactions that occur for those whom contact is dangerous.




A Twitter user named Carter recently asked Wendy how many retweets he would need to receive a year of free chicken nuggets. Wendy’s immediately fired back with… 18 million retweets. Carter is already up to 941k. Let the nugget games begin.  


Taco Bell’s Egg Taco

Taco Bell has been shaking up the taco eating experience with their previous fried chicken taco shell. Now they’re on to bigger and stranger things. On Thursday Taco Bell announced they will begin testing a breakfast taco that uses a fried egg as the shell. Taco meet omelette.


Underwater Winery

Winemakers in Croatia have started making wine underwater. The Edivo winery in Drače Croatia submerges their wine in clay jars and has them sit and age under the sea for 700 days. The little mermaid is in for a surprise.



Why it matters to you: these restaurants are providing disaster relief funding at a local and international level.  

There are multiple establishments across the country that have took it upon themselves in an attempt to better the community. 20 restaurants in Thomasville South Georgia came together to donate 10 percent of their sales to red cross disaster relief in the wake of recent storms sweeping through the area. Back in January, more than 90 homes were destroyed by a tornado and just last year, Red Cross volunteers responded to 24 disasters in Thomas County.  Restaurants coming together show how influential a community bond is and are an example of how impactful the industry can be in rallying for support.

In a similar scenario, in Minneapolis Minnesota over 40 local restaurants are donating up to 50 percent of their total sales to support famine relief efforts in Somalia. According to a March report from NPR, at least 6.2 million people in Somalia (half the country) are living with “acute food shortage” due to drought. Restaurants have long been a driving factor with helping change the world for the better. With the horrifying issues the world is currently facing at both a local and international level, the industry often times has stepped up to the plate to offer relief.



Why it matters to you: sexual harassment is still extremely common in restaurants.

Sexual harassment has been a major problem in the restaurant industry for a very long time. In October, a site called the Reality of Sexual Assault in the Cocktail Community began an effort to expose in detail they types of stories and assertions that are often dismissed regarding sexual harassment in restaurants. The site details attacks that were allegedly committed by one prominent member of the bartending community. The site does not disclose any names but has struck a chord with multiple women that have experienced similar situations.

Restaurants and bars have long time been an environment where sexual harassment is either ignored or unresolved. As a restaurant operator, we need to be extremely cautious as of how our employees (male and female) are treated by customers. Many times employees that do feel uncomfortable in certain situations, cease to mention it. Building trust among management and owners can help employees to feel more included to disclose scenarios where they’ve felt unsafe. As industry leaders, it is our job to ensure the safety and happiness of our staff.