The Daily Rail: It's Okay to Cry Over Spilled Beer

Thursday, July 20, 2017


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BUSINESS: Restaurant Inventory for Dummies [Sponsored By Orderly]

Whether you’re an old pro or it’s your first go, we’ve put together this foolproof guide to walk you through the exact 5 steps you should be following to take an accurate inventory.


SPORTS: Sports TV Guide August Calendar

The NCAA Football season kicks off (pun intended) on August 26th. Coincidentally, that is the same night as the Mayweather Jr. vs. McGregor battle royale. So, check out the calendar, pick those programs that matter and market to your guests that yours is the best place to catch all the action.


Crying Over Spilled Beer

It will always hurt watching someone drop a beer. Multiply that by a million and you’ll get a semi-truck in Colorado who spilled 42,100 pounds of beer out of the back of the truck. The truck was driving up a steep mountain and… Que the world crying over spilled beer. Even worse, there are pictures.


Snap Ads Get Upgraded  

Snapchat has released a self-serve ad creation tool that allows brands to edit horizontal videos into vertical ones. Advertising on Snapchat has been limited to just vertical videos which aren’t always ideal. Now Snap Ads will be responsive to the angle you hold the phone.


“My Job Was to Get People Drunk”

Substance abuse in the industry is a major problem. But what happens when the managers condone it? Eater examined the life of a bartender whose managers pressured bartenders into taking shots with guests and drinking all night long to encourage bar goers.  


Why it matters to you: Chipotle’s stock has drastically dropped after more food safety concerns.

Chipotle hasn’t had the best luck with food safety operations in the past. Fast forward to this week and their problems are only back to haunt them. A Virginia Chipotle was temporarily shut down after people reported getting very sick after dining at the location. Tests found the illnesses were due to a potential norovirus outbreak which has the restaurant working with health officials to determine the route of the virus. In correlation with this temporary shut-down, Chipotle’s stock dipped immediately after losing 7.5% of its value. It was previously trading at roughly $750 and according to Reuters, closed on Tuesday just under $375.

This is not a new problem for Chipotle. Two years back, an E. coli and salmonella outbreak located at Boston College Chipotle sickened over 120 students. That same year, the viruses hit at least 189 people from a Simi Valley, California location causing the chain to implement new food safety procedures. Overall, the norovirus found in the Virginia restaurant is most often caused by infected food workers touching raw food with bare hands before serving. Something that is very preventable. All restaurants can learn from Chipotle’s mistakes and ensure all food operations are clean and concise for the guest’s safety.



Why it matters to you: Dress codes are tricky. Is yours working and sensible?

The last thing any operator wants to do is cause a kerfuffle over the guest’s attire. We don’t place dress code restrictions because we want to single out or punish a guests, we do it so we can create or protect a specific atmosphere in our restaurants. A woman in Louisiana was refused entry to a club recently because her shorts were too “short”. While the definition of too short is open to interpretation, as long as it is applied consistently and without regard to gender, this is absolutely in the purview of management.

Turns out this particular venue had a wacky male guest that was wearing short shorts and a crop top to this establishment and others in the area. His intention was to be noticed…it worked. So much so, that the operator of Whiskey River in Henderson LA barred that style of dress for all patrons. Unfortunately, her application of the dress code became a social media cause and she found herself defending a position that she has every right to hold. Let’s be direct, no one likes to be told what to wear or do. We strongly suggest you have accommodations available to deal with guests that don’t fit your dress code. Inexpensive T-shirts you can give away to cover a mid-rift or a wrap for the woman whose shorts were too short. This will prove your commitment and humanity at the same time.