The Daily Rail: A Guam Café Offers a ‘Mushroom Cloud Latte’

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


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TECH: How Wi-Fi Audio Can Boost You Sports Bars

By far, the number one frustration guests have in sports bars is the inability to hear the game. Good news for sports fans is that there are numerous venues adopting solutions that involve streaming game audio over Wi-Fi to the patron’s smart phone. This white paper explains more.



The recent weeks have been a scary time for the island of Guam amid North Korea’s nuclear threats. Infusion Coffee in Guam is taking the threat “lightheartedly,” as they are trying to perfect their Mushroom Cloud lattes. Each latte will have, you guessed it, a mushroom cloud designed in the foam. to poke fun at the US-NK tension. Funny or offensive?

What CEOs Should/Shouldn’t Say

Top restaurants rarely speak out on controversial or political issues out of fear of losing customers. This infographic shows which topics the public feels are safe versus unsafe for CEOs to express their opinions on. Which topics do you think are suitable?

Infographic: Topics CEOs Should & Shouldn't Speak Out On | Statista


Beer Makes You More Creative

A study from a University in Australia found that a pint of beer can boost your creativity levels. The experiment tested 70 people and found that “while many activities benefit from high cognitive control, some may actually suffer from too much focus.” Cheers to that.



Why it matters to you: A story is making headlines about a family that didn’t tip because of server’s sexual orientation.

Stories about disrespectful guests always make their way around the industry. Very rarely do we come across a customer that denies leaving a tip based on discrimination against the server. A waitress from a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise in Illinois experienced just that when she noticed a family of five left behind a homophobic note written across their check. The server, who identifies as a lesbian, has stated that there was nothing unusual about her interaction with the family until she found the handwritten note that said “Can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus. Bad tatoo.” The last tidbit, spelled incorrectly, was in reference to the server’s arm tattoo of an equality symbol.

A photo of the message on has been shared on social media that is spreading across the internet with over 1400 reactions, about 800 shares, and hundreds of comments. The server said she is proud of the response the post has received on social media and that multiple people have reached out, many of them Christians, and offered her tip money to make up for the discrimination. Restaurants really can’t control the way guests tip, however, they normally can back up their employees accordingly. In this case, management hasn’t responded with a comment; however, the Buffalo Wild Wings HQ offered its support for the waitress saying they aim to create a respectful restaurant environment for guests and team members.



Why it matters to you: Would you consider being a Canna-Café?

Attitudes surrounding the consumption of cannabis have been evolving rapidly over the past few years. With the opening of the recreational weed market in Nevada last month, a problem totally at odds with those more favorable attitudes is emerging: Where can a person legally consume cannabis outside their own home? This is especially relevant in Nevada with cities like Las Vegas and Reno that attract millions of visitors each year. Now that legal weed is available, the number of canna-tourists is likely to match that of Amsterdam, where you can legally consume cannabis in a public setting.

With the multiple delivery systems (vaping, edibles and tinctures), consumers have lots of choices that don’t require offensive smoke. Are you willing to serve cannabis-based products in your restaurant, bar or club? For now you can’t and the only way it will ever happen is if operators get together and demand our local governments allow us a slice of the pie (pun intended). It is far better to get the visit and serve guests a weed-based cocktail or edible treat than having them arrived already stoned and not needing to spend any additional money. The weed industry is projected to be worth $50 billion; it’s ‘high time’ we offer a seat at our tables.