The Daily Rail: How to Handle the Seasonal Staff Transition

Thursday, August 24, 2017


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BUSINESS: 5 Critical Mistakes You’re Making with Your Restaurant Accounting

Your finances are a major part of your daily operations. Because managing your budget and keeping an eye on your money is so important, Ordlery has put together five critical mistakes restaurants make with their accounting… And how to fix them.


SPORTS: Have You Confirmed Your NFL Sunday Ticket? Download Your 2017 Schedule

As with our previous versions of the preview, we will be covering NCAA and NFL Football schedules each week featuring extended info like rankings and spreads. Here you can download your 2017 football schedule. Don’t forget to confirm your NFL Sunday Ticket while you’re at it!




Back in Three

A McDonald’s in the Midwest really spoiled their staff during Monday’s eclipse. A window sign posted at a Missouri branch has gone viral on Reddit saying all service will be stopped for three minutes (from 1:17-1:20pm) for employees to view the eclipse. Looks like Micky D’s workers will have to wait until 2024 for their next three minutes off.   


You’re Fired!

A restaurant in D.C. lowers its drink prices every time President Trump fires a senior White House official. The Bird recently offered $4 happy hour drinks after Steve Bannon was canned and are likely in for more impromptu happy hours to come.


TV Characters Eat Too

Restaurants can tell audiences a lot about characters in TV shows besides their favorite foods. Eater explored how the Showtime series Billions uses food to explain their characters on screen. Next time you might want to watch what (and where) your fav characters are eating because chances are it’s not an afterthought.



Why it matters to you: A D.C. restaurant reportedly offers staff cash rewards for spotting food critics in their dining room.

Some restaurants are known to keep notes about each guest with information including their drink and food preferences to keep track of what to recommend when they return. One restaurant in Georgetown has taken that policy to the next level. At Fiola Mare, any staff member who reportedly spots a food critic in the dining room wins $500. Former employees at the fine dining seafood restaurant confirmed the policy while a current employee mentioned he heard of the policy but wasn’t sure it was still in place. Of course, there are multiple benefits to know when a food critic is dining in the restaurant – as you can inform staff to prepare accordingly.

The owners of the elite waterfront restaurant did not deny their food critic spotting policy whereas detailing their policy where all employees are required to recognize guests and address them by name from servers to kitchen staff. Fiola Mare also provides staff with photos of guests in addition to their names to help place a name with a face. Overall, it’s still unknown whether the restaurant offers employees a reward for spotting food critics, but does contribute to an overall upscale image the establishment succeeds in portraying. Fiolo Mare was named the number one restaurant in D.C. by Washingtonion magazine in 2016, as well as earning multiple awards.



Why it matters to you: Modern strategies for modern recruiting.

The fall season is approaching and with it comes a staffing transition for many operators. Whether you run a business near or on a university campus or a summer season location, September can be a tricky month. That’s why you need to think in totally new terms of how to attract the right staff person for the right season. While there are multiple strategies, this article focuses on those that are best suited to attracting a millennial employee for the right position in your location.

Taking steps like allowing potential employees to text for more info on a job posting or reframing the way you describe the position will ensure you are meeting these potential teammates where they are comfortable. With record low unemployment and competition for these individuals at an all time high, these steps can be the differentiator you need. We have long focused on the “War for Talent” and appreciate these challenges and their impact on our industry. Now is the time to let the restaurant working generation that yours is the place that “gets” them.