The Daily Rail: Eatertainment Makes a Restaurant Resurgence

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A Cat Bed That’s a Giant Fruit Tart

We love cats. We love fruit tarts. Now we can have both at the same time with this fruit tart-shaped cat bed. It even comes with fruit-shaped pillows for your little critter to curl up against.

Follow @ItalianComments

Hell hath no fury like an Italian who sees you disrespecting mozzarella. The twitter account @ItalianComments documents Italians dropping serious shade as Americans try to make their favorite Italian dishes. Some of the comments get down right nasty. Whoa boy.

McD’s Sets Recycling Goals

McDonald’s is trying to tackle their consumer’s #1 request by switching to environmentally friendly packaging materials and offering recycling in all its restaurants. McD’s goal is to hit 100% packaging from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025.


Why it matters to you: By unveiling their new branding Dunkin’ shows the way to the future.


 Dunkin’ Donuts name has lost some weight recently and is now only Dunkin’. Yes, that’s the new name that the old brand has chosen – or trying out. Their goal is to clarify their brand as a beverage leader and not a donut hawker. But that isn’t the only thing that has changed. The new look unit they just opened in their original hometown of Quincy, MA looks more like a Starbuck’s with sunlight than the classic version DD. They have focused their attention on highlighting their newest beverage options, but they aren’t limiting their changes to the location layout.

They have also added a mobile ordering lane to their drive-thru system. This will allow guests to expedite their pick-up of pre-ordered items without waiting in a queue. They are committing real resources to adapting to the new consumer generations preferences. While their mobile ordering only accounts for about 3% of their sales, it was zero just a few months ago. The real lesson here is that if you don’t evolve to meet the expectations of your consumers then you are going to go away. There’s little danger of that happening for Dunkin’ as they expand across the continent with their new found brand identity.


Why it matters to you: As diners continue to seek out something more, eatertainment can be a way to draw in new & larger crowds.

We have all seen the old days of eatertainment, lackluster medieval role-playing or dinner theater, Chuck E Cheese, Dave & Busters, and the like. This oft-mishandled genre is now having a more specialized resurgence. Strange new concepts people haven’t seen before like a dart-themed restaurant, ax-throwing bars, ping pong bar-restaurants, bowling, golf joints, and many others are popping up everywhere. Their aim is to pique interests by presenting something unusual and creating fun and unique experiences rather than just the typical food and drink experience.

While the traditional players didn’t fail, D&B’s and the like leave the playing field open and ripe with opportunity for the creative. Many diners would prefer to not eat in their casino/arcade-esque setting, but would probably be open to a more toned-down dart club where it’s more of a group activity. Golf season? You and the guys head down and practice your swings and have a few beers and some burgers. Want to blow off some steam? Throw some axes at some wood in a safe and controlled environment for an hour or two. Now we’re just waiting for a true fine dining experience mashed up with an anger room-type ending…