The Daily Rail: Is Your Restaurant Compliant with all Labor and Employment Guidelines?

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Every restaurant owner dreams of flowing profits, thrilled guests and a balanced life. This vision is only possible by creating habits that drive success. A survey of 500 small business owners shows what the most successful restaurant owners do consistently.


Oh My Gosh, Facebook Is So 2013!

According to the latest edition of PiperJaffray’s bi-annual “Taking Stock with Teens” survey, 46% of the 8,600 teenagers polled named Snapchat their favorite social media platform, while 32% of the respondents picked Instagram as their platform of choice. In terms of usage, Instagram even surpassed Snapchat for the first time, with 85% of teenagers using it at least once a month compared to 84% for Snapchat. The popularity of Snapchat and Instagram clearly comes at the expense of Facebook and Twitter, which seem to be less and less appealing to the teenage demographic.

Infographic: Facebook and Twitter Are Old News to Young People | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Women’s Sports Rising

While women's sports often don't receive the same level of attention as men's sports, a new Nielsen Sports research project highlights untapped potential for restaurants. 84% of sports fans are interested in women’s sports and 51% of that group are men, showing women sports engage a gender-balanced audience.

Russia Bot Trolls NFL, USA

Remember the NFL anthem-debate that was (and still kinda is) ongoing with the NFL? The one that had the POTUS calling for people to get fired? Well, it appears a lot of the tweets stirred up were from Russian twitter bots, according to the Washington Post, specifically from accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency, the Russian and Kremlin-backed company accused of attempting to sow discord in the US. Mission accomplished, IRA.


Why it matters to you: So many types of burgers, so little space on your menu.

Let’s face it, American’s love burgers. How many of you DON’T have a burger on your menu? Exactly. That is also why it’s harder than ever to differentiate your burgers from the run of the mill. To that end, we are sharing this great slide show that features six different burger ideas to inspire you to upgrade your burger game. There is something for everyone to consider, from burgers with cool pretzel rolls to adding a fried egg topper. Take a look at the burgers you offer and check out a few of your competitor’s menus to see if yours are creative enough to compete.

Don’t fret over the original burger. It will always have a place on your menu, but it alone will never help you stand out from your competition. In fact, this approach is a good idea for your entire menu. Take your starter/appetizer list as an example. Do you offer only standard fare like chicken wings and spinach-artichoke dip? This is another opportunity to upgrade your recipes to reflect innovative and delicious new ideas. To stay relevant, it’s time to disrupt your menu with new flavors, improved ingredients and fun ideas.

[Source: RestaurantBusinessOnline


Why it matters to you: It’s time to make sure you are complying with all Labor and Employment guidelines.

We often speak on this blog about issues surrounding staffing like retention and training. We don’t discuss the regulation and compliance aspects as much and in today’s employment climate. Taking a few minutes to review the basics of your responsibilities for Labor and Employment is a good idea. Among the core things you must do is pay your employees for the specific work they have done. Depending on your state those rules can vary, but your responsibility to pay can haunt you if you aren’t diligent in managing it. Take the Pennsylvania sandwich chain that had to pay $21 million in back wages and penalties. They may or may not have been underpaying purposefully, but the penalty is enough to put some restaurants out of business.

Factors like payment for side work or tip credits can build up quickly if you aren’t managing them correctly and then cost you dearly. The same is true of employment eligibility documentation. It’s no secret that the last few years a big push has been made under both the Obama and Trump administrations to deport undocumented people and hold employers accountable. One error on an I-9 can cost you as much as $2,156. Multiply that by 25 employees and you could see a pretty substantial penalty if your eligibility forms are not present or incomplete. Take the time to review your commitment to your administration of labor and employment guidelines or face consequence that are far worse than spending a day looking at staff files.

[Source: FoodNewsFeed]