The Daily Rail: Restaurants are the New Anchor-Tenants.

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Youtube TV Adds More Sports

TNT, Adult Swim, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies have been added to YouTube TV, with NBA TV and MLB Network coming soon. The price will rise to $40 a month for those who sign up after March 13. Not only is this another avenue of sports streaming bars can take advantage of, but it’s important to keep an eye on as more people cut the cord with cable and look at alternative content streams to consume.

It’s Alive!! Or is it?

Here’s a viral video going around that shows clam sushi still moving as it is’s being served. Japan twitter is split on if the clam is still alive or if it was just poorly prepared. Either way, it’s got us shuddering.

Fired for Racial Profiling

Three Applebee’s employees were fired for racial profiling two guests. The employee called the police on two women, claiming they had eaten at the restaurant the day before and failed to pay their bill. The two women said it was the first time ever at that location. The officer was also less than compassionate during the affair. Applebee’s has apologized for the actions and are temporarily closing the location to “regroup, reflect, learn and grow from this.”


Why it matters to you: Apparently, some people already receive food in boxes from the government.

We spoke about Trump’s ‘Harvest Box’ food plan early last week, a plan that was largely hailed as D.O.A. by most government officials. However, apparently there is a plan in place already that is very similar with the Department of Agriculture called the ‘Commodity Food Program’. This program distributes nearly 2.4 billion pounds of items to schools, food banks, and other locations a year (valued at around $2.4 billion). A small part of that program supplies just over half a million low income senior citizens with nonperishable food items and has been doing so since 1969. This plan existing successfully though is no real reflection on the feasibility that Trump’s ill-conceived plan would work.

The existing plan requires that the majority of enrolled senior citizens pick their food up from pantries, a vital difference between this existing small-scale successful plan and Trump’s. Another is the fact that 43 million Americans are on food stamps, even the sheer cost of delivering that much food alone makes this an unviable plan. Additionally, we must factor in that the President said they will be sourced only from American producers, another massive cost not considered at the time of conception. We could go on about the plan and its’ shortcomings but it would be beating a dead horse considering it will not make it far enough to fail on a national scale as everyone predicted.



Why it matters to you: Restaurants are becoming the new ‘anchor-tenants’, replacing retail.

The restaurant business seems to be booming, new places opening every day all over the US. David Chang thinks they have even started to replace retail as the new anchor-tenants in buildings, reminiscing on the not-so-good old days when it was hard to find leases. Today, food related establishments hold between 20 and 40 percent of real estate in most shopping centers. It used to be more like 10 percent a decade ago according to real estate giant CBRE Group. The shift began when restaurants started to market themselves more towards younger generations paired with the boom of social media. This increasingly-embraced tactic ‘get ‘em while they’re young’ shows the power of growing your brand with your customer base for an earlier age.

Regardless of the increasing percentage of real-estate held by restaurants it is still largely a landlord’s market. Independent restaurants will always seem like a gamble when compared with proven-successful chains. For this reason, and the rising cost of rent, many independent restaurants are opting into smaller dining-rooms with an increased focus on delivery. Combining your program with an effective system of delivery can be all you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced market and continue the trend of being the new anchor-tenants.