The Daily Rail: The Rise of the Boilermaker Could be an Opportunity for US Bars

HACK: Use a Potato to Restore Rust Cast Iron Skillets [#108]

Does your restaurant have an old cast iron pan collecting dust & rusting away? You can remedy that with household items! Grab a potato, salt, vegetable oil. Get scrubbing!


This Drink is Kinda a Big Dill

Pickle juice might be one of the most polarizing drinks out there. You either love it or loathe it. Well, Sonic is hoping for more of the former. They’re introducing pickle juice slushies at all their locations by June. Cheers! Or something.

WATCH: Chef’s Table: Pastry

Netflix is really loving the foodie shows. Their new series is called Chef’s Table: Pastry and will focus on four of the world’s more acclaimed pastry chefs – Christina Tosi, Will Goldfarb, Jordi Roca, and Corrado Assenza. Check the new trailer here.

Burger with a Side of Meth

A man was arrested for running a meth lab in a White Castle bathroom. Cops were called after a “one pot” meth lab was discovered and four officers were treated for exposure to chemicals contained in the lab. A customer was arrested in connection to the meth lab. Talking about living up to the motto “The Crave is a Powerful Thing.”


Why it matters to you: David Chang & Danny Meyer are closing restaurants this year.

Although this does not seem like a trend (thankfully), David Chang and Danny Meyer are closing a restaurant each this year in New York City. Chang’s is called Ma Peche and was an experimental type full-service. This is only the second restaurant Chang has ever had to close; the first was his restaurant Ando which closed its doors due to a transition to delivery-only (we don’t really count that as closing). Chang’s restaurant group aims to find jobs within the company for the 75 estranged employees. Good on ya, David!

Danny, however, is closing his restaurant the North End Grill which should come as no surprise to any of our readers. Meyers’ North End Grill’s head chef left the restaurant late last year due to numerous allegations of harassment. The way this scenario was mishandled makes the closing of this restaurant come as no real surprise to us. It’s probably easier to just close the restaurant rather than completely attempt a rebrand and have that black cloud looming over their head. Unfortunately, no news on Meyers’ end as far as any attempt to reemploy his employees there.



Why it matters to you: The continued rise of popularity in the “boilermaker” could be an opportunity for US bars.

The beer and shot combination has been around since before any of us can remember. Generally, the combo – called a boilermaker -- includes the cheapest cold beer and some type of whiskey. It just intrinsically makes sense, especially after a long day at work. In recent years, there has been a real rise in popularity in this often off-menu combination. In Dublin, some bars are even starting to offer different pairings of the boilermaker, akin to a beer flight or pairing wine with your dinner. A cider cask whiskey paired with a cider, a sweeter whiskey with an IPA for balance, the options are endless.

This really gets us thinking: maybe it’s time to stop shunning the boilermaker, leaving it trapped on chalkboards as a happy hour special for all eternity but on the actual menu in print! No need to sneak into a bar the day after a rough night out and whisper your order alone to the barkeep. Order this timeless pairing with pride! We expect more bars to follow suit and approach this emerging trend creatively and carefully. Different minds will bring new and innovative iterations to the boilermaker as it evolves. Who knows, with any luck we will have the first non-pretentious drink trend on our hands in years.