The Daily Rail: Is Beer Foam Art the Next Big Thing?


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Social media, social media, social media. It’s all anyone talks about with regards to (inexpensive) restaurant marketing. But if you’re looking for the most bang for your efforts, and to not easily be ignored, you need to get into people’s inboxes.


Yet Another Football League

Charlie Ebersol has announced another competitor for the NFL (and the WWE’s XFL). It’s called the Alliance of American Football (AAF). To keep the games short, the league will have no TV timeouts, will eliminate kickoffs and extra points, and will use a 30-second play clock. Here’s 10 things you should know about the AAF.

Ruined Landscape?

According to a Gallup/Knight Foundation Survey on Trust, Media and Democracy, published earlier this year, the majority of Americans think that the effect of social media on the U.S. news landscape has been negative over the past 10 years, with 58 percent of the respondents stating that it has become “harder to be well-informed because people have to sort through lots of information to determine what is true or important.”

Infographic: Has Social Media Ruined the News Landscape? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

101 Dishes that Changed America

There are a lot of food staples in America, about as diverse as the people that populate it. From hot dogs and reubens to chocolate lava cake and ramen, here are 101 dishes that changed America and how it happened.


What it means to you: Someone invented a 3D printer that essentially makes latte art on your beer.

Here with another entry in “Nobody ever wanted this news: Why god, why?! Edition”  we have a 3D printer that someone invented to make art in your beer foam. It’s called Beer Ripples and it was invented recently by an Israeli company that’s famous for inventing a similar machine for your latte. The coffee machine almost makes less sense to us when actual organic latte art exists in the world (and is already over the top) but hey, if you’d like to drink your selfie then be our guest. Back to the beer.

This machine is great for such practical uses as: making your beer say “I Love Beer” on it, “Can I Buy You Another Drink” (for those of whom might like to see their beer turned down), or the classic knee-slapper “Happy New Beer.” You can also upload whatever you’d like with their app so let the fun commence! Now all we need is the pinnacle of buzzword-y drink combinations: the glitter beer with 3D printed art on the head… Maybe that is when the world would end? With any luck at least. Truly an abomination.


Why it matters to you: A fried pickle recipe on pinterest is going viral.

It seems that pickles are having a moment and we certainly ain’t mad about it. Pickle-flavored iterations of so many foods are currently on the market. We mentioned yesterday about Sonic’s pickle slushie (ok that one is a little much), and today there is a Texas Roadhouse fried pickle-copycat recipe on Pinterest that is starting to go semi-viral and has been pinned over 100,000 times!

With such an easy recipe that people clearly love is anyone surprised? At home cooks can quickly whip up a serving for four and be the hit of the party. The pickle is so versatile, operators should take notice. Use the juice at the bar (picklebacks) to brine meats, and of course the pickles themselves on sandwiches or the side is a must.

This seems to us like an opportunity to put pickles on your menu or expand their usefulness for the upcoming summer. Fried pickles are a super low cost/high margin recipe to have on your menu as a staple or, if you’d rather not, a special at the bar. They make an ideal finger food to accompany a nice adult beverage and will surely be one of your most ordered appetizers should you choose to serve them. We can pickle that!