The Daily Rail: McDonald’s Finally Moves to Fresh Beef

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Cheap Beer: From Awful to Drinkable

Some days you want a beer that tastes great. Other days you’re in a super limited budget and want whatever a few bucks and lint can afford you. Vinepair ranked cheap beer from awful to drinkable, and we’re sure there are gonna be some PA fans not too happy about this list.

Low Time for Oscar

The 2018 Academy Awards ceremony saw its TV audience shrink to an all-time low. According to Nielsen, the live show broadcast by ABC had an average of 26.5 million viewers, a 20 percent decline on last year when 32.9 million tuned in. The previous record low was in 2008 when 31.8 million viewers watched the ceremony hosted by Jon Stewart. That year, disaster was narrowly averted after an 11-week writers' strike in Hollywood ended in advance of The Oscars. Did you show the Oscar’s at your bar or restaurant? How was the crowd? Let us know!

Infographic: The Oscars' TV Audience Falls To All-Time Low  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

A Lesson in How Not to Deal with the Gender Pay Gap

BrewDog, the UK’s biggest craft beer company, created a Pink IPA “for girls” – satirically, they say. And while they’re doing a good thing by donating proceeds to gender-equality groups, BrewDog has also fallen into the same cycle of sexism they say they’re fighting. Here’s how.


Why it matters to you: McDonald’s introduced fresh beef at 3,500 of its restaurants with more to come by May.

McDonald’s has consistently been slammed for its occasionally sub-standard ingredients over the years. Whether it is the chicken, frozen beef, or whatever else, being at the top means people will try to take you down a few pegs whenever possible. That’s why starting in 2016, they began to make some changes. They started by removing all artificial preservatives from their chicken. From there they started all-day breakfast and a new-improved value menu. Now they’re onto fresh beef. While this fresh beef initiative isn’t applied to all of their burgers yet, it is on all of their quarter-pounders and premium burgers. Presumably, they’re controlling the roll out so employees can train and get used to making these new sandwiches prior to the complete switch.

So, will this further cement McDonald’s as the king of fast food? Most likely. All the new plans they’ve rolled out have helped them immensely, making the McDonald’s experience better for both guests and shareholders alike. Though they stumbled a bit heading into 2018, we’re sure being the way they are they’ll recover fast, so long as they don’t have another Szechuan sauce fiasco anytime soon…


Why it matters to you: An employee at OpenTable was recently terminated for making fake reservations on Reserve, a competing reservations platform.

Does anyone ever wish they didn’t have any big competition, so they could corner the market? I’m sure we have all had that fantasy at one point but would any of you ever take steps to ensure that? We’d imagine most of us wouldn’t go as far as one employee at OpenTable did. The employee took it upon themself to deliberately harm their biggest competitor by making fake bookings through their platform at 45 Chicago-area restaurants. The plan was to use the falsely inflated no-show rates to convince those restaurants into switching to OpenTable. Problem is, Reserve noticed this suspicious activity and was able to trace it directly back to OpenTable.

OpenTable commented and said the guilty-employee “was not in a sales function and had no managerial duties.” So why did they took it upon themself to do this? We’re not sure, but what is known is that she was terminated immediately.

The platform OpenTable has long been dominant in the online reservation community, so they know full well what no-shows mean for restaurants. These false reservations cost the restaurants in question very real money. We think OpenTable handled the bad situation well, we do not see more of this foul play down the line.