The Daily Rail: Restaurant Operators a Source of Positive Change

GUESTS: 9 Ways Bars Can Use Video Games for Growth

Video game night (or board game night) can be a huge promotional tool for bars & restaurants. Here are nine video game night ideas for bars & restaurants to market to diners, boost their popularity and bottom line.


America’s Best Employers

Michelin is notable as being French rather than American and it’s the only foreign company on the top-10 list. In fact, it’s so good it was ranked the best employer in America with a score of 9.90 (out of 10). For midsize employers, Penguin Random House takes the top spot with a 9.71 rating. Here’s the rest of the top large employers in the US, and the top midsize employers in the US.

Infographic: America's Best Large Employers  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista
Infographic: America's Best Midsize Employers  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Pay It Forward Pizza

We love to talk about the Purpose Economy here on The Daily Rail, and we love seeing restaurants work to improve the community around them. Here’s a cool video about a pizzeria owner who left his job on Wall Street to help feed homeless. What he charges them? Pay the good deed forward. He’s given away almost 10,000 slices with the program. Amazing.

Would You Eat Gold Wings?

Do you know someone so rich they can literlaly eat gold? Now they can. The Ainsworth in NYC has teamed up with Foodgōd to create a “Mountain of Gold Wings.” Wings are brined and baked and then dipped in liquid gold butter & then sprinkled with 24K gold dust… *sigh* These golden chicken wings goes for $1,000.


Why it matters to you: Operators are the reason changes actually happen for many different causes.

When it comes to making positive change and progress, it’s the owners and operators that hold the power to make it happen. There’s always a lot of talk about what the government can do to create change, but in reality all they can do is force our hand. Why not try to beat them to the punch on these many issues? Fair-living wages for FoH and BoH workers, doing what we can to try to end sexual harassment, cleaning house of guilty parties from the old days, and so much more.

Will we be able to completely fix all of these issues across the board first-go? Absolutely not. We think people confuse restaurants for being a homogenous industry and it certainly is not. Other parts of the country have shown that they are nothing like us in our liberal blue bubbles on the northeast/western and southwestern coasts (etc.). Different people have different values and, as an industry, we are the most fit to come to an understanding on our own. Who knows us better than ourselves? Certainly not a bunch of white guys in suits who have never worked a day in a restaurant in their lives… We all knew this already though, time to start acting on it.



Why it matters to you: A restaurant manager calls the cops on a black couple.

Earlier this week a black couple in Plano, TX walked into a restaurant, were given a table, and then a few minutes later were asked to change tables. The couple politely declined the “offer” and then were asked again to switch for a “white customer.” They refused once again and then were told to pay their tab and were kicked out with the help of the local cops. We can’t blame the couple for a second. Who wants to change their seat after they already gotten comfortable and started browsing the menu? No one. The couple recorded some of the exchange from their phone and its pretty mind-blowing.

First things first: This manager needs to get dealt with. Secondly, the man he was discriminating against is a world renowned motivational speaker and author named Johnny Wimbrey. Celeb-status aside, Wimbrey has held many company parties and functions the very restaurant he was being kicked out of. Talking about treating your loyal guests like crap. The restaurant released this in regards to the incident:"We apologize for the miscommunication with our guest on Saturday night, which resulted from a mix-up at our host stand,” the statement read. “Sambuca has no tolerance for discrimination and always wants to make every guest feel welcome and respected."

To put it quite frankly: bullshit. If the manager after all of this keeps his job, then what justice is there in the (restaurant) world? The world can be an infuriating place sometimes. Between this and the Starbuck’s incident, there’s a lot our industry has to learn.