The Daily Rail: Frosé and Taco Bell…This Won’t End Well

CHIVETV: Entice Your Guests to Ignore Their Phones

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Mixed Feelings

According to a recent Pew Research study, 24% of US teens (aged 13-17) think that social media has a mostly negative effect on their generation, while only 31% think the effect is mostly positive. The reasons for teens’ growing skepticism towards social networks are manifold, but the prevalence of bullying and rumor spreading on social media is the biggest pet peeve for young Americans.

Infographic: U.S. Teens Have Mixed Feelings About Social Media | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Anti-Sexual Harassment Webinars

Last year and leading into this year has been filled with claims, allegations and lawsuits about sexual harassment incidents happening in restaurants. To combat this, the National Restaurant Association is offering free training programs as part of the new ServeSafe Workplace platform. The webinars will be available for free through the summer months. More info here.


Hanger One Vodka Distillery is trying to capture that San Francisco taste by collecting Bay Area fog and infusing it in its limited-edition Fog Point Vodka. We like to just think of it has fogdka, but what do we know? The idea is definitely novelty and the distillery has been trying to perfect the recipe with each yearly variation.


Why it matters to you: Taco Bell is reportedly bringing Frosé (aka frozen rosé) to some of it’s locations.

Well people, frosé can be cancelled very soon…

We all know that as soon as trends are picked up on by the large chain operatorswe can pretty much kiss them goodbye on the smaller end of things. There will be frosé everything in only a matter of weeks at this point, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a frosé for kids in the near future even. Operators will fall into a frosé-n drink nightmare if they aren’t careful so we need to figure out the best ways to make it not a nightmare (if there are any) and how we can spin this into a positive.

This frosé conversation brings up a very good point about everyone’s blended drink programs for their establishments: what can small operators do to capitalize on these large chains’ decisions on trends? Well for one; always be on top of the trends. It isn’t hard to do this, most online blogs and websites will tell you,months and months in advance, what they will/might be. So, even if you aren’t the most ‘in the know’ you can at least seem it(hah). It is always good, as an operator, to hit hard and fast to capitalize before the trends are everywhere else but your establishment or you are late to the party. Also try putting your own spin on the frosé (or whatever drink) so that people may be more tempted to come to you rather than anywhere else. Happy blending…



Why it matters to you: With more and more operators ditching plastic straws it’s time to do the same.

I’m sure every operator and everyone else out there in the industry has heard about the plastic straw bans whether it is a single restaurant banning them or entire cities, everyone is following suit. Do you know what that means? Time to rip the Band-Aid everyone and join the party. When you look into it…it is truly incredible just how bad these little straws are for our environment, Americans alone use around 500 million A DAY (127 school buses full for reference). We don’t know about you guys but that statistic was pretty disturbing to us.

Sure, this seems like a bit of a pain, as far as your bartender’s life goes…or for your ordering, but it will be worth it for us as humans to not further destroy the only planet we have to live on through small steps. Plus, there is a growing industry of straw alternatives to choose from in the market.So, it really won’t even be a harsh transition for your establishment or bartenders, should you actually do 10-minutes of research! Plus if you pick a cool option these, new straws can add to your brand (think glass straws, metal ones, paper striped ones, etc). Being more green should always be up there for operators, we can always strive for more.