The Daily Rail: To Count, Or Not To Count

INVENTORY: 3 Ways Ignoring Your Inventory Par Levels is Costing You Thousands [Presented by Orderly]

It's easy to put your ordering on autopilot. But setting inventory par levels on each of your ingredients can revolutionize the way you run your business, and save you thousands in the process. On the other hand, if you ignore your inventory par levels, you could run into these 3 major problems. Your restaurant's profitability starts with you - don't let it pass you by.  



Africa by Toto has unequivocally been the internet’s funny song of 2018. Well, @BurgerkingUK challenged their followers saying if a tweet of theirs received 1000 RTs they’d play Toto – Africa all day in one of their establishments. It was RT’ed almost 7,000 times… The internet remains undefeated.


It is hot af out rn so we wanted to share a great little list Thrillist compiled of the 32 Hottest Breweries in America Right Now. By the looks of it we have some travelling taste tests to plan…


Truly sorry to be the reason that song is now stuck in your head. 90’s music being stuck in our collective heads now aside check out this adorable cat named Ozzy that loves peaches more than The Presidents of the United States of America and won’t write an annoying song that gets stuck in your head about them either.


Why it matters to you: Calorie counts on menus can make diners second guess their choices. Are they worth it?

We have all seen the menus, whether fast food or actual dining, that display the calorie counts right there in the open for all of their customers to see. These calorie counts, while informative to those whom may be concerned, can be a definite hindrance to your bottom line and inventory turnaround. We all know how painful wasting inventory is to our wallets… When we list these calorie counts people who may have never thought twice about ordering twin butter-poached lobster tails may now hesitate on their order, leaving us with some of our more delicious dishes not being ordered as often in favor of lighter options. So the question is: do we list calorie counts or not?

We believe that it greatly depends upon your establishment. If you are aiming to be a healthier and more thoughtful (in those ways) type of restaurant/café then by all means do so, and your patrons will likely thank you for it. However, if you are say, a French Bistro, then it may be wise to leave off the bit of information that shares with your customers’ hints towards the sheer amount of butter that goes into each dish. We’re sure Joël Robuchon wasn’t in any hurry to share that information left maybe scare some people away, at least at first. We will say though, if a customer does inquire it shouldn’t be a real secret if you are aware of a rough calorie count. Anyway, our real point is that whether you display the calorie counts or not is your own choice to make and don’t feel pressured into one you do not want to make for your business.

[Source: Skift]



Why it matters to you: Forbes compiled a list of the best companies for women to work in America and, surprise! It isn’t every company.

We all know how toxic many environments can truly be if you are a female in the workplace. We have spoken about this many-many times and, while it has gotten slightly better in some instances, overall we still have many miles to go as an industry and as a culture. That is one reason why we were intrigued to see that Forbes had compiled a list of the best employers in America for women in 2018 and it should come as no shocker that no restaurant group broke even the top 20. In fact, only 3 cracked the top 100, pretty upsetting right? 

Statista and Forbes examined gender gaps in responses about working conditions, diversity, and more along with parental leave policies and other gender-equity warzones along with many other categories and topics. We as an industry are notoriously awful in these areas so the more we read the more it became evident as to why we performed so poorly in this list. What can we do to get better you may ask? Where do we even start, the toxically sexual environments in many kitchens have to be the first to go, sexual harassment has no place in our businesses and should never have been swept under the rug for as long as they were. Beyond that we must ensure equal pay is established as the norm if it isn’t already (within your business) and then take steps for parental leave etc moving forward. For an industry of people who flourish, sometimes hungover, in a piping hot kitchen with rows and rows of tickets for very long shifts daily we know we can accomplish anything we set out to… This is the next step people.

[Source: RestaurantBusinessOnline]