The Daily Rail: California Approves 4am Last Call

GUIDE: Winning with New Media Entertainment

A frequent question we field from sports-themed operators is how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The time where counting on HD TVs and the NFL Sunday Ticket as that difference maker is long past. 

 So, what is your next move if you want to truly separate your operation from any other competitor? It’s all about the content. And there are three best options for alternate content available today for bars and restaurants — streaming sports, gaming entertainment and digital signage. Learn more in this free, premium download and turn your bar into an entertainment destination!


FanDuel Launches New Shows

FanDuel and TVG, an online horse/dog racing channel, are launching two new sports gambling-focused shows – More Ways to Win and The Barstool Sports AdvisorsMore Ways to Win will be hosted by Lisa Kerney (formerly of ESPN), sports-writing personalities and fantasy experts. The Barstool Sports Advisors will feature Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and will have 30 minutes of the show syndicated on Barstool Sports and then another 30 minutes of original-to-TVG. More info here.

4K TV Sales Pick Up as 8K Looms 

Despite the fact that true 4K content is still hard to come by in many countries, more and more consumers are making the switch to the next level of HDTV. According to GFK estimates, global 4K TV sales could reach nearly 100 million units this year, up from just 31 million in 2015. Now that 4K TV has reached mainstream adoption, the industry has already set its eyes on the next big thing. Samsung, LG and Sharp all unveiled their first forays into the age of 8K television at the consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin last week.

Infographic: 4K TV Sales Pick Up as 8K Looms on the Horizon | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Hurricane Maria Death Toll 

Researchers from George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health and the University of Puerto Rico were commissioned to find the true death toll of Hurricane Maria and the government announced it was revising its official numbers in accordance with their findings. The hurricane struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, causing an estimated $90 billion worth of damage. More frightening, the actual death count from the hurricane are 46x higher than the original figure.

Infographic: Hurricane Maria Deaths 46 Times Higher Than Thought | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: California approves a 4AM last call.

Anyone who has ever experienced the nightlife in LA knows that it used to leave something to be desired. A world-famous city of that caliber should have a world-famous nightlife, and that certainly was not the case. A major contributing factor was its 2AM last call, a hindrance towards the city’s nightlife picking up any real steam -- until now. 

Senate Bill 905 recently passed extending the curfew on alcohol sales from 2AM to 4AM, allowing nine cities to decide whether they want to limit the new hours to certain neighborhoods, nights of the week, or different times of the year. We’d guess bars will be very adamant about being allowed to stay open until 4AM, in most cases. If this bill is signed into law, the newly-extended drinking hours will go into effect in January 2021 with a five-year limit that allows officials to decide whether to renew or abandon the legislation after they examine the effects of the bill.

This law won’t mean LA will turn into the NYC or Miami, but it has the potential to revitalize a fledgling scene and give operators a chance to try something new. We expect operators would look towards NYC’s late-night success stories as 2021 creeps closer. The “if it ain’t broke…” model doesn’t typically fail in these instances. One other major upgrade with this 4AM last call is for our brothers and sisters in the late-night drunk food world. This change means an extra couple of hours of operation and hopefully are more successful.  Time for some more operators to consider some later hours of operation.




Why it matters to you: As it turns out, your vendors liking you can affect the product your establishment receives.

How strong is your relationship with your vendors? As we know, our vendors can make or break us on a daily basis. This is tenfold if we source a lot of produce locally as you will likely find yourself comingling more due to sharing the same community’s food scene. 

 This is why you must always make an effort to keep up solid relationships with your vendors. A strong and professional rapport can lead to great deals on items, better quality products, the absolute freshest product available, and seasonal produce available to you slightly before everyone. Remember, your vendors are partners in your business and should be a symbiotic relationship. If you do well they do well, so why not be friendly with your interactions? It’ll pay off.