We talk to the hospitality industry. Everyday.

We are The Rail, a media company focused exclusively on the restaurant world. We talk to thousands of managers, employees, and decision makers in the hospitality industry every day. We are a trusted voice in the hospitality industry and have been for over a decade.*

The Rail has a unique relationship with thousands of restaurants, bars, owner/operators, chain operators, and vendors. We deliver targeted, requested, content and information each and everyday by email, web links, and more. We deliver almost a million emails every month to our hospitality subscribers. Our open rates are among the highest in the industry. Last year alone, we delivered a staggering 8.4 million emails.

We work with major chain operators like Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee's, Hooters, Twin Peaks, and TGIFridays, as well as small chain and independent operators throughout North America.

We talk to the hospitality industry. Everyday.


We deliver great content. Everyday.

We deliver exclusive, targeted content and information everyday to thousands of hospitality industry inboxes. Our subscribers can receive our exclusive SportsTV Guide, curated and original content, Suggested Social Media Posts, dedicated emails, and our Professional Series on training, scheduling, purchasing and more.

SportsTV Guide

The SportsTV Guide is a daily listing of all available sports on satellite, cable, and broadcast providers. We list professional sports, international matches, pay-per-view events, internet-only streams, college sports, and even high school games. Each week we deliver a minimum of eight guides, including: Daily and Weekly Schedules, Previews, Special Event Guides, and Monthly Calendars.

You and every member of your staff can use our subscribers-only website to view and print SportsTV Guide schedules, build custom guides, and access specialized resources.

No one delivers a more comprehensive sports on TV listing than SportsTV Guide from The Rail. With more than 50,000 live sporting events on TV each year, and over 8,000 stations broadcasting sports programming, any restaurant with more than one TV needs a SportsTV Guide. We've delivered over 100 million guides! No one has delivered sports TV listings longer or more reliably than The Rail's SportsTV Guide

the Daily Rail

The Daily Rail is delivered right to your inbox. You'll receive targeted content, information, and tips that you can use every shift: today's TV sports listings, Suggested Social Media Posts, special offers, original content produced by The Rail, and more.

Our online version of The Daily Rail is where you'll find articles, videos, infographics, interviews, how-to tips, and other rich content produced especially for those in the hospitality world.

We deliver great content. Everyday.

We talk to restaurant decision makers. Everyday.

Everyday we talk to thousands of restaurant and bar managers, employees, chain and independent operators throughout North America. 

We have been a trusted voice in the hospitality world for over a decade. If your company needs to reach the right person in the hospitality industry, we can help.

We talk to the decision makers. Everyday.

* Sports Bar Marketing Exchange is now The Rail