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Look out for Part II of The War for Talent coming Summer 2016.

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Learn More About Staff Retention & Recruitment

Why embracing technology is your best recruitment tool.
With how immersed Millennials are with technology, restaurants need to adapt the changing workforce or risk being left behind.

The hidden costs of employee turnover [Infographic]
Staff turnover isn't just costing you top talent, it's also bleeding your establishment dry of major profits.

The beginning of the end for tipping? 
With some states increasing their minimum wage and a general cry for improve living wages for workers, it seems that tipping may be going the way of the dinosaurs and eight-tracks.

Hack #007 - Engage your staff by cross-training them
Cross-train your restaurant staff to engage your employees and build your businesses future leaders.

Hack #008 - Use a calendar app to remember staff's birthdays
Small gestures go a long way to keep your staff happy and feeling appreciated.

Rethink restaurant employee titles to empower your staff
If you want to get more out of your staff give them titles that warrant the hard work they do day in and day out.

Paid Sick Leave for all... coming to a restaurant near you soon! 
Restaurant PSL laws are already implemented in San Francisco and NYC, and it seems like more cities and states are looking to make it mandatory. But is this necessarily bad for restaurants?

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