The War for Talent

Part Two: Training in the
Digital Age

In the Hospitality Industry, technology is constantly improving how we do our jobs. The cash register gave way to POS systems which are now losing ground to mobile payment solutions. Training has evolved too. You need to be ready for it.

Digital training tools are now available that improve speed, effectiveness, and accountability in staff training programs. But there are a myriad of tools, choices, and implementation options. Which ones are right for your particular operation?

In our webinar, Training in the Digital Age, you will learn how digital training tools can replace elements of live training, make training more efficient and effective, and create consistency and accountability in your training programs.

You'll gain insight about the different types of eLearning programs, eLearning standards, implementation options, ROI for eLearning, and how to choose the the right provider for your operation.

Learn what you can do about that. Download the FREE webinar and guide, Restaurant Staff Training in the Digital Age.

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