Are you leaving money on the table?

A whopping 80% of restaurant operators aren't utilizing suggest sell marketing to boost their ticket sales. Insane, right? It's even more insane when you think about how much time, money, and effort restaurants put into their larger marketing efforts. To not improve on your table side marketing is leaving money behind.

Your guests are your most captivating audience and your crew interacts with guests table side each and every day. Servers and bartenders have countless opportunities to recommend a new item or suggest another round. When leveraged correctly, these opportunities can lead to higher average checks and a bigger bottom line.

Even a small increase of $0.82/check can mean $2,280+ per week ($118,500+ annually).

They key? Crew engagement programs that incentivize and gamify the sales process.

But where to begin? In this free eBook from Springzy -- Activate Your Restaurant's Marketing Army -- restaurant operators will learn:

  • Why it's a great idea to engage your crew in suggestive selling
  • Real-world examples of crew engagement programs at work
  • 4 key tips for creating your own crew engagement program

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