Scheduling is your single biggest motivator.

Restaurant employee turnover is growing at an astronomical rate. In 2015, the annual employee turnover rate was 72% -- an increase of 11% in just four years! And that turnover is costing bars and restaurants a ton of cash -- up to $146,000 annually.

While there are many ways to improve your turnover performance, none is as potent and immediately impactful as creating great schedules.

In this 50-page guide, restaurant operators & managers will learn:

  • How great schedules can boost your bottom line.
  • Why online scheduling is superior (and easier) than the paper-pen method.
  • Expert tips for creating a the perfect online schedule.
  • How to choose the right schedule manager.
  • Useful "hacks" for creating great schedules.

All this is packed into one free guide to help restaurant operators like you improve your staff's morale, become more efficient, and increase your restaurant's profit.

Learn to save time, money, and keep your best employees happy. Sign-up to download our free guide -- Building the Perfect Online Schedule for Bars & Restaurants.

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Building the perfect online restaurant schedule is great for saving time, money and lowering employee turnover.

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