It’s time to look at your tabletop in a new light!

Your dining room’s tabletop is where all the magic happens. Guests experience most of what you have to offer at your tables. Great food, cool drinks, amazing service, and most of your direct marketing all happen there.

But are you doing it right? That is a question we have decided to ask with this series on what great tabletop execution looks like.

Our goal is simple: make you think differently about your tables and how you manage them.

No doubt you have seen tables in a dining room that look more like a hoarder is in charge than a professional restaurant manager. Understanding this key real estate in your restaurant is our first topic on this exploration of how the tabletop influences the guest experience. We offer you some tried and true best practices, while allowing you to see your tables more as a business partner than an object that constantly needs repairing, cleaning and clearing.

Improving the Tabletop Experience will go over the basics of analyzing your current tabletop setups, tips for improving the guest tabletop experience, how to optimize your tabletop marketing efforts and more! Register below to get your free copy.

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