The Daily Rail: Do You Have an Emergency Plan in Place?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


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SOCIAL MEDIA: Is Arby's the Best Social Media Restaurant Around?

If you're looking to improve your social media efforts, look no further for inspiration than Arby's. They're killing it in the social media world.


SOCIAL MEDIA: The Internet’s Best Food Porn to Recreate

This week we’re providing you with great ideas to shake up your menu. Put your take on the Internet’s most delicious looking food porn to bring in more guests. These are the web’s most astounding looking food pictures that you need to try.






Things Never Said by a Head Chef

Funny little video of phrases you’ll probably never hear your head chef say in the kitchen.


By the Numbers

Fast casual restaurants are booming. They grew 10.4% in 2015 (rest of the industry grew 5.7%). Their average check is also $12, more than double that of traditional fast food. More fun stats here.


Big Calories for Kids

Kids’ menus at top restaurant chains often exceed the recommended calorie counts. About 147% more than the recommended serving. French fries were a big culprit, with a calorie count of about 287 – almost triple the recommended number. Only McDonald’s served fries to kids in the recommended 100-calorie portion.


The Future of Grocery Shopping

Amazon is debuting Amazon Go, a checkout line-less grocery store. Shoppers log into the store with their Amazon Go app, stuff their bags full of groceries and walk out the door. The store’s sensor reads the shopper’s app and keeps track of what’s in your virtual cart. Check a video out here.





Why it matters to you: Various economic factors can make or break your business.

Thousands of restaurants in Britain could be in serious trouble with regards to the Brexit vote, which has sharply raised the cost of imported food and wine. According to The Guardian, The UK imports 48% of its food, and many restaurants heavily rely on imported food and wine. In addition to the increased price of imported food, the cost of labor has also gone up. In April, the British government raised the national minimum wage from £6.70 to £7.20, with a further rise to £7.50 expected to take place next April.

It is always extremely important that we as restaurant operators are aware of changes in economic policies. Although out of our control, economic factors can negatively influence what once was a successful business. Monitoring these changes can give you a leg up on how to prepare your business. Many of the restaurants affected by the increase in imported food have gained professional help from accounting firms to advise them on their next business ventures. It is crucial to always be planning ahead especially for the development of your restaurant.   



Why it matters to you: Don’t be a victim of fake news.

This weekend #pizzagate came to a head when a North Carolina man fired his gun in a Comet Ping Pong and threatened an employee, all in the name of a “self-investigation.” The pizza restaurant that caters to kids is the center of a conspiracy theory trying to link Clinton’s campaign advisor, John Podesta to pedophilia and child trafficking, arguing that use of the word pizza is code for pedophilia prevalent in Hillary’s released emails.

The theory is quite a stretch, but when the son of the incoming National Security Adviser is tweeting support of a conspiracy that’s circulating on fake news sites, it’s not a joke anymore. There’s a reason there are laws surrounding libel. NPR reports, the owner of the restaurant, James Alefantis has declared that Comet Ping Pong would “continue to operate safely and securely.” It just goes to show some people will believe anything.  



Why it matters to you: the tragedy in Oakland teaches us every restaurant needs an emergency plan.

Whenever first responders arrive at a fire scene the question is always: How many are inside? When This past Friday night when Oakland Fire Fighters arrived at the repurposed warehouse turned entertainment complex that was ablaze, they must have been overwhelmed by that question.  The enormous building had been tricked out with a maze of installation art and cluttered setups that many think exacerbated a horrible situation. Turns out the place had been the subject of complaints about health/safety violations that were already under investigation by code enforcement officials. The next time you are frustrated by how much regulation you endure, think of how many tragedies are avoided by following those codes.

If anything comes from this horrible event, you should at least consider your own preparedness for potential disaster. If you haven’t already, you should craft an emergency plan for your managers and staff to follow. It’s not something you need to review daily, but it should be a part of your staff orientation and be a subject you cover with your managers regularly. Identify the steps you want managers and hourlies to make in advance, post those steps and make sure your team understands and even practices their response. It might not seem like it while you are preparing, but this is your best defense against any emergency situation can literally be the difference between life and death.