Encourage learning opportunities & industry certifications [Hack #063]

Level up your staff

Building bench strength is a powerful way to Win the War for Talent. If you have aspiring team members, but no slot for them, keep their interest high by suggesting additional training through certifications. Whether it’s a busser/runner that wants to be a server or a line cook that wants to be a kitchen supervisor, there are inexpensive and free resources they can access to get a leg up.

Why not offer that busser a chance to get Responsible Alcohol Service Certificate, for example? Our partners at HotSchedules offer 20 modules from their Train product for free to registered users. Why not give access to your best bench players and allow them to improve their skills in anticipation of ascending in your hierarchy?

By delivering training opportunities, you are simultaneously improve your operation and improving your turnover performance. Staff that feel valued and see opportunity to grow stay with you and take their jobs seriously. Everybody wins!

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