The Daily Rail: The Benefits of Benefits

September 8, 2016

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READ: The Eight Best Reasons For Calling Out

In the restaurant industry, if you call out of a shift, you'd better be dead or have a really good excuse. Here are our favorite excuses we’ve heard.


Why it’s important to you: In the restaurant industry, you’re constantly looking for ways to combat the staff turnover rate.

We’ve found that many small businesses, like restaurants, with a lot of part-time staff can’t always afford to offer traditional types of benefits to all their part-time employees. But just because you can’t offer them a 401k and vision benefits, doesn’t mean you should ignore benefits altogether. Being able to show your employees that you’re invested in their success goes a lot way toward building a loyal workforce.


The first weekend of the NFL starts tonight with Carolina visiting Denver for a Super Bowl 50 rematch. It’s followed by a slate of over 100 college games. There are still lots of cream puff matchups, but also a few interesting games. South Carolina visits Mississippi St on Saturday at 7pm ET in an early SEC conference game while some fun regional rivalry games are also scheduled including NC State at East Carolina and Boston College at UMASS both at 12pm on Saturday.

Whenever the NFL returns it is good news for our business. Guests are enthusiastic for their teams, fantasy rosters are intact and every team in the league is still in contention. There is nothing quite like it for sheer hopeful energy. Remember to be sharing with your guests what’s happening at your location for promos and events. You have their attention while they are in your building so you need to take advantage. Print a flyer describing what you offer and distribute it. Also, ask for their email or that they follow you on social media. They are excited and open, and now is the time to cement your relationship for the entire sports calendar. Have a great first week of full football and grow your business at the same time -- a match made in heaven. 



Slam the Rams

Think these guys are bitter? Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill in Missouri is offering $1 off beer pitchers for each TD scored by a Rams opponent. They’re calling it their “Slam the Rams” special. The Rams moved from St. Louis to LA this season. If you’re gonna hate – hate big!

RIP Flavors

Ice cream giants Ben & Jerry’s have a literal graveyard for the killed and rejected flavors, complete with tombstones, descriptions and “birth/death” dates. 


Why it’s important: Starbucks is closing the gap between coffee shop and restaurant.

Basics rejoice! Starbucks is testing a new expanded menu featuring the weekend necessity: brunch. The new menu items include: Belgian waffles, French toast and cage–free quiche.  We didn’t even know quiche came in a caged variety…The offerings are only available in 78 stores in Seattle and Portland, Oregon and from 8am-2pm on weekends.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks have trialed waffles or different menu items. As far as we know they won’t be offering endless bloody mary’s or mimosas just yet, so restaurant owners who offer brunch can breathe a sigh of relief. If you’re curious about the menu items, there are  plenty photos available on Instagram.



Why it’s important: Some social media stories aren’t what they seem.

The Israeli-Arab village of Abu Ghosh is famous for its inexpensive eateries that are best known for their hummus. Typically, meals cost around $15, which is why a bill posted after the fact has caused quite a stir. The receipt in question totaled over $4,000 which prompted suspicion of the restaurant taking advantage of naïve tourists.

The owners of the restaurant have since explained it’s all a misunderstanding. In their version of the events, half of the restaurant was booked by the tourist group on a busy Friday night. The group was served an entire roasted and stuffed lamb had an entire bar to themselves as well as a number of pricey drinks. When put into context, the price totally makes sense and the motives of the person who posted the bill comes into question.