The Daily Rail: Don’t Touch Your Restaurant's Guests – No Matter How Tempting

VIDEO: The Top Five Grimiest Places in a Restaurant

We know as well as you how dirty our restaurants can get. We did some research on what places in our establishments get the dirtiest, and we can’t say we’re too surprised. However, what we did find was relatively shocking.


Fast Food, Fast Delivery

Fast-food giant Wendy’s has been playing around with food delivery at some locations and they’re liking what they’ve seen. They’re expanding delivery to 48 markets & 2,800 locations by the end of the year in partnership with Door Dash.

Sky High

NBC has announced that Thursday Night Football will use SkyCam as its primary camera for next week’s Titans-Steelers game (11/16). The decision spurred as it was a called a “lifesaver” during last month’s foggy Pats-Falcons game. NBC also sited younger generations’ love for that video game view as another reason.

Smart Mugs

There’s a smart version of everything, so why not coffee mugs? Starbucks will be selling an $80 ceramic “smart mug” which keeps liquid temps between 120-145 degrees for two hours. You can control the mug from your phone.


Why it matters to you: Don’t touch a guest no matter how tempting it is.

With so much pressure in our industry, it’s a wonder that more confrontations between guests and operators don’t happen. Take the owner of Memphis’s Crumpy’s Hot Wings who allegedly choked a customer last Saturday. The guest arrived late to pick up her carryout food and complained when the fries weren’t piping hot. An argument ensued that found the guest throwing her carryout food on the floor. Donald Crump, the owner, became enraged and he put his hands on the guest to remove her from his joint. The account from the guest and the owner differ in that she alleges he grabbed her by the throat, but he claims surveillance video proves he did no such thing.

Let’s be honest, every single one of you has been close to throttling a customer for their horrible language or behavior. Unfortunately, it’s not particularly good for business to lay hands on them for whatever transgression you believe them guilty of. However, you do have the right to refuse service to someone that is behaving like a jerk. Your decision must focus on their behavior and not another factor such as they are in a police uniform or they live a different lifestyle than you. You are on solid ground by asking a guest to leave that behaves poorly, but that slips away when you physically touch them.


Why it matters to you: 3D printing for food is a future technology that will disrupt our industry.

New technology has always been a slow climb for restaurant operators. That’s why we likely won’t be seeing a kitchen filled with them any time soon. However, they do represent a fascinating opportunity for the commercial food service world. Imagine creating an entire guest meal from scratch instantly and on-demand? These 3D food printers can already deliver amazing creations as this video demonstrates. This technology is advancing rapidly and will likely be in homes within the next 10-15 years.

While we are not encouraging you to fire your team and hire a bunch of engineers to turn out your 300 dinners on Saturday night, we do believe you need to be aware of these emerging technologies. If for no other reason than they will likely be your direct competitor in the coming years.

So, watch the short video and see for yourself what they can turnout. Maybe you will be inspired to your own creation. Let us know what you would make, if you have your very own 3D printer, in the comment section or email us.