The Daily Rail: How Big is a Shot Glass in Each Country?

Friday, July 21, 2017


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HACK: Slip-Proof Your Shoes with Use Salt and Glue

Are your restaurant & bar staff constantly slipping while on the job? They can get better traction by adding a little salt & glue to their dress shoes.



If Food Brands Matched NBA Players

Most often there is a crossover between sports fans and food fans. If the world’s best food chains matched the best NBA athletes, which brands would make the starting lineup? Food Beast determined the ideal food starting lineups as they pertain to players. Michael Jordan, Shooting Guard – McDonald’s for sure.

Taking Shots Around the World

The size of a shot glass varies from country to country. Many may range from 0.67 ounces to just over 2 ounces. Take a look at VinePair’s infographic showing the different sizes of shot glasses in different parts of the world. Any guesses on which countries take the biggest shots?


Language Vs. Perception

Every time we open our mouths, we unintentionally reveal aspects of our personalities that are perceived in different ways. BBC has explored the hidden ways our language betrays our character through common misconceptions.


Why it matters to you: A Brooklyn restaurant has faced outrage from the community over being “insensitive.”

Often when new restaurants open in an area with strong cultural ties, it can be interpreted a variety of ways. This is the exact case that a Brooklyn bar is dealing with as they are accused of insensitivity and gentrification. Sommerhill is a new “boozy sandwich shop” that is facing backlash toward the owner’s casual attitude toward the bar’s neighborhood and history. Many of the problems began after the owner, Becca Brennan, posted a picture of a cocktail in front of a bullet-hole ridden wall. People were immediately offended that she was glorifying some of the worst parts of the neighborhood, as well as making light of gun violence. Some have even accused her of selling the bar’s 40-ounce bottles of Rose in brown paper bags to poke fun at Brooklyn stereotypes.

Gentrification is a major problem in many cities and communities are pointing at restaurants as a major contributor to rising rent. Cities including NYC and San Diego are examples of locations where rent has sky-rocketed forcing many of the long time residents to move elsewhere. As for this Brooklyn restaurant, Brennan claims she chose to keep the bullet holed walls as a means of appreciating the building’s history rather than glorify gun violence. Often, restaurants must be very careful with not overstepping boundaries into what are already risky waters. Brennan must make amends with the community in the hopes of allowing her restaurant to succeed.



Why it matters to you: Are your bathrooms for customers only?

As if there isn’t enough controversy surrounding public bathrooms, a city of Chicago Alderman has proposed a rule that anyone entering a licensed establishment cannot be turned away from the toilet if they don’t make a purchase first. David Moore proposed the rule recently, but he was informed that a similar rule already exists on the books. Most of our subscribers will find this a non-issue because the nature of a full-service restaurant operation makes detecting this use hard to identify. Any restaurant with a bar will likely see guests coming and going without restriction, unless you have a cover charge for an event or are particular militant on your bathroom use.

However, any discussion about further burdening operators with rules that require they deliver a service with no hope of compensation is bound to lead to…well, more rules. One would think, that any person that presents at your front door in desperate need of the bathroom, wouldn’t be turned away, but there are valid reasons why that could happen. For example, if your street gets closed for a special event (think Times Square New Year’s Eve), you may have a major push to access your facilities that could interfere with your ability to run your business. We suggest you inquire about the rules in your community so you don’t run afoul of them and are prepared if you have ever need to exert control.