The Daily Rail: Restaurants are Trying to Cash In on a Bathroom Pass

MARKETING: 3 Ways Restaurants Can Embrace (Simple) Video Marketing

Doing a weekly or daily video can help activate fans within a fan base. Think Barstool Sports’s pizza reviews: people look for them, they are accessible & easy to digest, relatable, and people can share their hometown pride with pizza suggestions from their hometown. This plan could materialize in a few different ways, but it’s always most important to showcase your character. What makes you unique is you, so highlight that! Simple video marketing is a great way of doing just that.


Wine Tariff

China has retaliated to Trump’s tariffs of Chinese products with some of their own, including a 15% tax on California wine. That’s gonna be a big hit for California and the US economy as China’s “thirst for imported wine as increased 2.5x in the past five years,” according to a Bloomberg report. US wine exports totaled $1.53 billion in 2017 – 97% of those were from California. #AreWeWinningYet

Drunk Food

What do you crave when you’re drunk off your mind? For me, it’s Wendy’s (I know, right?). Munchies asked people what they eat when shitfaced and got some fun answers. What do you crave?

Is There a Diversity Problem in Food TV?

While the restaurant kitchen is often dominated by men, the pastry-field is a heavy “pink-collar” job, which makes the fact that only one out of the four subjects in this season of Chef’s Table being a woman is highly problematic. TV execs said they had trouble finding subjects, but is that just a copout? 


Why it matters to you: A recent study shows that 76% of sports sponsorships are tied to junk food.

 “The official _____ of the NFL” is a saying we have all grown accustomed to hearing. A new study by the Journal of Pediatrics revealed that 76% of food products shown in ads promoting a sports organization sponsorship are unhealthy, and 52.4% of beverages shown in sports sponsorship ads are sugar-sweetened.

Pizza, crappy beer, Doritos and the like are great on occasion (treat yo’ self) but we’ve always wondered what they have to do with the athletes? Playing at your peak ability doesn’t really afford you too many opportunities to slam a bag of Cheetos and wash it down with a Mountain Dew. The issue here is that kids don’t usually know that and are one of the key demographics.

Health is an important but often overlooked aspect of childhood education. Since we can’t stop the junk food ads, all we can do, essentially, is educate children better about their diets and what they consume. We love a good soft drink, beer and pizza every now and again, especially during some of our favorite sports, but kids need to know how to discriminate between occasional treats and actual nutrition from an earlier age. Unfortunately for a lot of these sponsors, that would mean a serious dent in their profits. No more Hot Pockets mom!



Why it matters to you: Restaurants are marketing their restrooms through a 3rd party app that generates a bathroom pass for a fee.

 We’ve all had people walk in, hoping they can use our restaurant’s bathroom without being a paid customer. It’s annoying at best and even signs don’t deter the most oblivious of folk. But what if you could cash in on their bladder dilemma? Starting this summer restaurants can use Luluapp to market their bathrooms for people to use – for a fee. You could call it pay to pee.

Through Luluapp, a restaurant can put their bathroom up for grabs. There a “patron” buys the bathroom pass. On top of that, restaurants can off these bathroom browsers either a free drink or discount menu items to keep them in the building or build future business. Brilliant. The restaurants also keep 65% of the bathroom pass fee. Not a crappy deal (sorry, we had to). This would open up a definite opportunity to set your place apart from the pack and make money during slower hours where you usually might not. Sometimes all it takes is being available for those in need.

While we realize that in smaller towns and cities this may not be the best app, in larger towns and cities where “FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY” rules are more common, it could really flourish. There’s nothing worse than needing a bathroom and being nowhere near a public one, and this app helps relieve the pain while paying and exposing restaurants to potential new guests. While it is not great to have to pay and be marketed to every time you need to hit the lav, it sure