Content is King at Restaurants & CHIVE TV Wears the Crown

You may have heard -- Content is King! While sports provide us with a lot of built-in content options, it doesn’t cover all the revenue periods that guests are viewing your TVs. Lunch, Happy Hour and late-night segments are all dead zones for interesting viewable content. Finding content that is interesting can be both challenging and expensive. That’s where digital signage can solve the problem but choosing the right format can be challenging.

Owning the Downtime in Your Business!

If you aren’t familiar with them, they are the product of theCHIVE website. These guys know content and if you’ve ever met a Chiver, they’ll tell you they love it. Humor, fails, cute stuff and viral videos are what populate the CHIVE TV content loop. Best part is CHIVE TV is free, totally family friendly and appeals to everyone.

CHIVE TV delivers on two promises: great content that will entertain your guests and a brand they will be very familiar with from their own experience.

In fact, CHIVE TV’s results are proof that this type of entertainment delivers value. In a study conducted by inMarket, CHIVE TV installs found a 14% increase in new business and 16% increase in guest dwell times. Frequency was also shown to increase by 19% in locations with CHIVE TV. Those are some compelling arguments for choosing digital signage for your location.

Equally compelling is the additional integration that CHIVE TV offers.

If you are an active marketer, their content management tools will allow you to add your own marketing messages interstitially to their content on CHIVE TV. This will drive your messages and also perfectly align you with theCHIVE brand.  Maybe you’ve heard the adage, “the best target for marketing is the guest that is already in your building.” Great digital signage content, like that provided by CHIVE TV, will amplify your marketing and encourage the best behavior from your guests.

Full disclosure…

I am a huge fan of theCHIVE and have been for several years. I don’t normally deliver personalized endorsements, but this product is an incredibly reasonable solution to a real content issue. The content is totally free. Even the Roku device is free if restaurants/bars stream at least 40 hours per month (aka 1:20/day) of CHIVE TV. There’s no risk and all reward with CHIVE TV.

Give your guests something interesting to look at late night or during lunch, not just old UFC replays and ESPN SportsCenter, over and over and over again. Besides, CHIVETV doesn’t require the sound to appreciate and enjoy the content.

In the end, you have to decide what you want your guests to watch while visiting your location. When there’s downtime and not much if any sports are available, digital signage like CHIVE TV, is a perfect solution for entertaining your guests with great content. So, CHIVE TV is the best option for any operator that wants to entertain their guests and expose them to their own internal marketing in one simple and elegant solution.

Learn more about CHIVE TV here.