The Daily Rail: Best of the Rail… Fourth of July Edition

MARKETING: 3 Alternative Ways for Restaurants to Market Frozen Drinks

The summer season means frozen drink season for restaurants and bars. And lots of times, frozen drinks market themselves to guests. But sharp operators will look for fun and engaging ways of marketing their frozen drink program, including featured frozen drink of the day, thematic menus, frozen drink pairings, and even tastings.

SPORTS: How Sports Bars Can Win the Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of our favorite sporting events of the year and is great content to fill what is otherwise a pretty barren July. The trick is how to market for it. Here are some tips for creating Tour de France promotions for your bar and restaurant, including the month-long event’s TV schedule.

ENTERTAINMENT: Content is King at Restaurants & CHIVE TV Wears the Crown

Even in the restaurant industry, content is king. What you show on your restaurant’s TVs makes a difference. With just 200 days’ worth of major sporting events to show, bar operators need to get creative. Fortunately, CHIVE TV provides bars & restaurants with amazing viral and entertaining content that has shown to increase sales and restaurant foot traffic.

GUEST MANAGEMENT: How to Handle a Negative Restaurant Review that Involves Your Employee

No operator wants a negative restaurant review. It's worse when it's about your staff. Here are four steps for how to hand negative employee reviews in a way that addresses guests’ concerns while not alienating your team.

MARKETING: 3 Examples of Successful Restaurant Loyalty Apps & Why They Work

If history has taught us anything, it’s that building successful restaurant loyalty apps is tough work. However, it’s not impossible and well-designed apps can be a boon for restaurants. Here are three great example of restaurant rewards programs & loyalty apps to inspire.