The Daily Rail: Push Notifications are the Best Aspect of Restaurant Mobile App Marketing

MARKETING: 3 Ways Restaurants Are Blowing It with Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

We, as restaurant operators, suffer from the worst cases of inertia in the entire business world. Our lives are so overwhelmed by repetition, and we are so busy we don’t know how to disrupt our own business to help it grow. Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to email marketing. Our poll demonstrates how we are failing to take advantage of email -- which is more important now more than ever. Here are three ways you're failing to take advantage of your email list.


Sit Upon the Iron Throne

Chicago is currently hosting a Game of Thrones pop-up bar, and considering that it’s February, we’re sure it’s about as cold as Winterfell. The pop-up includes a “life-size” dragon, drinks that are on fire, and a replica of the Iron Throne. The menu includes food and drink inspired by the show.

The final season starts in a couple of months; now’s the time to plan GoT viewing parties and turn your own bar into Westeros tavern.

Meat Consumption Levels

Which countries eat the most meat each year? Australia is the top of the global meat-eating league with 116 kg consumed per capita every year. The United States isn't far behind with 115 kg consumed annually. The lowest meat-consuming countries can typically be found in Africa and south Asian countries. Check the map here.

Infographic: Where Meat Consumption Is Highest & Lowest  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Immigrants Feed America

José Andrés hasn’t hidden his displeasure with the job Donald Trump has done in the White House. The outspoken celeb chef, however, went to Trump’s State of the Union address, but not without protest. He wore an Immigrants Feed America t-shirt under his sports coat. Andrés later blasted Trump on Twitter, calling for “longer tables, not higher walls.”


Why it matters to you: The best aspect of mobile app marketing is push notifications.

When the mobile app revolution started about 10 years ago, every restaurant operator was convinced that they needed to get on board. Many folks spent significant money developing and maintaining an app, only to find out that if your app doesn’t do anything, guests won’t keep it on their phones. So, when the addition of the push notification rolled out, many believed this would be the way forward for in-app marketing. Those “many” were 100% correct. The push notification is by far the best feature in mobile app-based marketing.

To be honest, if you don’t have an app, but you collect text numbers much of these best practices apply as well. The problem is that most folks don’t know how to use either text or push notifications. Enter this primer explaining push notification’s best practices. This is the definition of direct marketing. Your message will be read in some form by 99% of your push notification and text recipients. So, take a peek and see where you can either improve your push or text messaging to better deliver your guests value that will drive them back to you restaurant.

[Source: Modern Restaurant Management]


Why it matters to you: Be careful when you accept investment that you and your investor partners are on the same page.

We have discussed outside investment as a vehicle to growing your concept in past posts. So when 3-star Michelin restaurant Saison was sued for misuse of investor funds, we had to take notice. Saison is one of two concepts in the group operated by Chef Joshua Skenes. They also operate several locations of their new concept, Angler. To ascend and receive even a single Michelin star is an accomplishment of epic proportions, but three (especially in the United States) is a really big deal.

The suit alleges that Skenes used investor money to finance his lifestyle and even pay for his extremely expensive wedding. Of course, Skenes refutes the suit in no uncertain terms and is considering a counter suit for defamation. None of that should matter to you except that it shows the real dangers in accepting outside money for your restaurant development.

We have no opinion whether Skenes’ group misappropriated any funds, but the suit itself is a PR nightmare and major distraction to the group’s goal of opening restaurants. Let’s be direct, the investment was $300k. Yes, that’s a significant number, but in reality, it costs millions to open a Michelin 3-star location. You’d have to ask Skenes if it was worth the headaches it’s causing. The lesson here is be extremely thoughtful about why you are taking investment and what you do with it. It may end up costing you more than it delivers in real value.

 [Source: Eater]