Top 10 Viral Restaurant Videos of 2016

Some say that bad publicity is good publicity. At the same time, videos go viral for a number of reasons, some of which are out of your control. These top 10 restaurant videos have been spread throughout the internet and not for good reasons. Enjoy! 


#1 Man Pulls Out Raccoon

Now watch carefully. In the first few second of this McDonald’s fight, the man in the left-hand corner pulls out a raccoon. It really doesn’t get stranger than this.


#2 Deer in the Headlights

You wouldn’t think that a deer rampaging through your restaurant would be a common problem. It’s actually much more common than you think


#3) Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in Restaurant

We all know about the recent problems with the Galaxy Note 7. This restaurant experienced the worst of it when it explodes at a guest’s table. 


#4) Lady falls in In-N-Out burger

Some people fall gracefully. And some people just don’t, like this poor woman at an In-N-Out Burger.

#5 Movie Theater Spill

And on that same note, this movie theater fall is equal parts hilarious and cringe worthy.

#6 Taco Robbery

This taco restaurant turned their recent robbery into an amazing promotional video. Talk about making the best of the worst situation. 

#7 Health Inspection at Pho 999

Videos go viral for a number of reasons, and this one went viral for a less than stellar reason. Pho 999 made the spotlight after two women videotaped the chef preparing food in the parking lot. YUCK! 

#8 #ServerProblems 

It’s the end of the night, you’re just trying to clean up and go home. This is the LAST thing you need.

#9 Prank Backfires

What’s so bad about a harmless prank? Clearly, a lot if you’re this drive-thru worker. Harsh!

#10 Hot Shots

Always be careful when making & taking shots that contain flames. If you’re not, then this could happen. And we don't think you want that.